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Risks Contained - Setting New Standards

Risks Contained - Steve Allen and Martin Farrow - Industry Leaders

Setting The Standards

It can be quite hard in an industry crowded with service providers to find industry professionals who we feel we can highly recommend, so it's quite refreshing to have found Risks Contained. We know that this is a professional company who are ethical, customer focused and more than aware and capable of demonstrating how to professionally manage risk and train others to a high professional standard across a range of important service areas.

Risks Contained skillfully combines theory and practice which means that they are able to focus services in a realistic and practical manner securing a practical application from a proven and trusted theoretical foundation. These guys have many years of experience within the live entertainment industry including stadium selling world tours, festivals, corporate events, conferences and award ceremonies - they've worked with them all and so have based their services on a very solid and secure foundation of knowledge.

Okay, so this is a site about concert safety for everybody, including the customer, so what does having a trusted and proven event safety management, training and security consultancy services company mean for us the punters? In a nutshell it means that events where Risks Contained are involved are organised and managed to an exceptionally high standard and one that we certainly think you can feel a high degree of confidence .

Risks Contained provide training and consultancy in a number of key areas, their wide ranging expertise ensures that that can also offer tailor made courses when needed - but the great thing about Risks Contained is that whilst they have the experience, expertise and professionalism that has coped with the biggest most major events, they are also keen supporters of smaller scale events and are equally at home in whatever setting - where safety and security is an issue Risks Contained has a solution.

Risks Contained offer Safety Consultancy, Training and Development and Security Consultancy including: Event Safety Management, Risk Management Solutions, Regulatory / SIA Qualifications, Health & Safety Training, Skills Development Programmes and Tailored Training Solutions

The high standards on offer from Risks Contained ensures that they promote concert safety on all levels which in turn means that they have a thorough knowledge of the industry from all aspects - that includes being able to understand how things are from a punter's perspective. The average punter does not need to know about quality risk management except that it's vital that all contingencies are properly planned for by those who bear responsibility - and this is something Risks Contained take very seriously.

Visit the Risks Contained WebsiteRisks Contained don't sit back on their laurels - they're out there actively pursuing and promoting the very latest in safety trends, this matters because most of us don't want to be thinking about the sort of safety issues the professionals need to meet, we just want to know that they're out there doing it - and doing it well.

As an example of their forward thinking approach, Risks Contained pioneered a new fire safety procedure for the recent Kasabian tour. This set a new standard and is an example about how industry experts are now thinking ahead and planning for the worst possible eventuality. Before you wonder why that's such an important step forward consider these few facts - in 2003 America suffered the Station Nightclub Fire (the fourth deadliest nightclub fire in U.S. history). It happened on February 20 2003 killing 100 people and injuring more than 200. In 2006 the Birmingham nightclub Edwards No.8 suffered a fire; 500 revellers had to flee and the famous nightclub was gutted. In 1985 at Bradford City Football Club, fire broke out at the main stand at the Valley Parade Ground and 56 fans were killed. In 1981 at the Starburst Cabaret Club in Ireland, 48 young people died and 128 were seriously injured when fire broke out in the nightclub. Although there were adequate exits the rapid spread of the fire resulted in the large death toll.

There's quite a sense of reassurance knowing that there are industry people out there who are able to grasp the concept of fire safety, particularly given the change in legislation as there are new fire and safety procedures under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRFSO). So the fact that a major industry player has taken this on board and moved forward with it can only be good news - read about it here

Risks Contained - are undoubtedly industry leaders - providing forward thinking services to the industry and the training to make sure that we punters can get out there play safe.

Safety first and foremost - visit the Risks Contained Website to see the full range of services on offer - find out why Risks Contained are leaving the opposition standing

Your Ratings & Comments
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Written by Seany | 20th Jun 2011
I find it amusing reading these comments in detail.

Joey you seem to have an issue with Mr Allen for a few years, i am unsure what it is relating to but after a little investigation it seems you maybe justified in your comments. I read your comments in detail and after making a few few Google searches it seems Mr Steven Allen has been arrested for threatening to kill someone over some court battle

This i agree brings his reputation into sever question, i have read articles by Mr Allen claiming he has a good relationship with law enforcement and blue light emergency services i am unsure how he thinks being arrested gives him a good relationship but everyone is entitled to there opinion.
and they keep coming
Written by Joeys | 26th Oct 2010
after further investigation i stumble across this link, this link shows Steve Allen again in another fight this time with estate agents and a computer salesman after Steve was flicking peanuts at them they decided to get physical with Steve coming off worse hmmm not good also could this have been the mysterious event you tell people you saved Liams life and got put in hospital for it after a crowd of 250 people attacked you, seems like its more an estate age and his friend from germanys equivalent of PC world....Geek squad came to get ya

View this link and scroll down to May 2004
1 of 1 people found this helpful
Steve you truly are a joke
Written by Joeys | 9th Aug 2010
Steve if you are going to comment as you rightly say log in on your own account!

For reference my name is Joe Adamson i am from Ipswich. Thats why my log in is Joey hardly a fictitious name.

I dont need to justify anything the articles speak for themselves.

As for me i am who i am i don't preach about it or claim to be anything else, i have similar qualifications to you and thats that.

I am simply commenting on your claim in your article and i have substantiated and evidenced it with the articles...why pay money to get out the shit if you didn't do it??
1 of 1 people found this helpful
Written by Joanne Journo | 2nd Aug 2010
What a waste of space you are Joey, this is a forum for safety, not grudges you may have, get a life and get your fact right. Better still, use your real name then everyone will know your background and may even see some substance to what you are about, instead of the belligerent, jealous, envious, wannabee as you come across.

I think you may find that when it comes to safety, the guy you are trying to run down has been there seen it and got the qualifications to back him. What have you done Joey; apart from provide a false name, and try to tell tales;

Miss, Miss, he's poking his tongue out at me now, every classroom had someone like you; petulant brat !
0 of 1 people found this helpful
and in addition
Written by Joeys | 28th Jul 2010

1 of 3 people found this helpful
Written by Joeys | 28th Jul 2010

1 of 2 people found this helpful
Written by Sam | 18th Apr 2009
I completely agree Marty seems there are alot of people having there opionion from either there arm chair or stadium gate or turnstyle but hey the way of world under the alliase user ID they use
0 of 1 people found this helpful
Written by Marty | 11th Apr 2009
Joey.....having just viewed your posted comment on Risks Contained i can only assume you are from a rival company, or failing that a somewhat 'bitter'' individual who, armed with some very inaccurate information, proceeds to 'spout off about a couple of high profile incidents that you have witnessed from the comfort of your well sprung arm chair? What is a fact however is your inability to research competently and your obvious tact at jumping in with both feet. To put the record straight on both counts, firstly Risks Contained look after the lead singer of Oasis and do not deal with anything else, that remit belongs to another security company. Secondly the incident at Manchester City stadium, I was there and withnessed the entire event first hand, you are correct when you comment that Mr Allen was notified of the barrier split by someone in the pit, that someone actually worked for Risks Contained and was part of the show stop team, even you must acknowledge that show stop involves more than one individual? Mr Allen didn't run around the back of the stage he jumped off it and into the pit where upon he signalled the band to stop (show stop procedure) he also instructed the band to stay on stage and talk to the crowd, this decision without doubt saved injury and perhaps lives. His position on stage was effectively covered by one of the team. Finally the amount of 'experts' who where not there on the day and can only comment in hindsight is growing all the time, no doubt you are amongst those ranks. My advice to you 'Joey' is get your facts straight and have the guts to put your 'views' to Risks Contained face to face (if you can force yourself from the arm chair!!
1 of 2 people found this helpful
Written by Joey | 20th Feb 2009
Don't make me laugh, this is the same company that allowed somebody to get on the stage in Canada for oasis and even more laughable is the fact they preach about show stop procedures and have managed to convince people that they were responsible for the safe outcome at City of Manchester stadium when the crowd surged and the barrier broke. yet at a recent course at Easingwold, the video of the incident was studied by professionals and it clearly showed that there was a signal to stop the show from the pit but the Risks Contained manager Steve Allen ignored this call until he left his position on the stage and ran around the back of the stage and down into the pit to examine the barrier himself and surprisingly reaching the same conclusion as the people who had made the call to stop the show 2 minutes earlier. It was more luck than judgment that nobody was seriously hurt - Don't take my word for it if you are in the industry and have access to this video, immediately after the surge a big bloke in beige jumps on the barrier and signals to stop the show, just time how long it is until the risks contained guy eventually goes to the front of the stage to stop the show after first checking the barrier himself . please just do your job as a bullet catcher and leave safety to the professionals
1 of 1 people found this helpful

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23rd November 2008
Risks Contained - Setting New Standards
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