You will take this advice as sound and hopefully you wont EVER use these complete scam artists.

My Sister in Law has the unfortunate bad taste enough to want to see Take That. She bought 3 tickets at £120 each to see them TONIGHT.

The last 2 weeks she has been trying to contact them but no-one coming back to her.

2 days ago I managed to track down one of the staff there, I left a voicemail on his mobile and he called me back yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised as he called me back !! He promised the tickets would go in the post, special and recorded next day delivery to arrive today before 1pm.

Guess what, surprise surprise, no tickets. I basically got my in laws hopes up, and they stayed off work today for the tickets to be signed for.

Its now 4:30pm an no sign of tickets, the guys mobile is not picking up and the office number is constantly engaged.

Any positive notes on this company here are more likely from the owners so pay no attention.

These are 100% scammers.