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Sat 23rd Jun 2012 16:36
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I bought 3 tickets to Heaton Park last October for the Stone Roses gig on the 1st July. I paid £350 in total. The tickets (I was told) would be despatched 14 days before the gig but they havent arrived so I went to try to access their site and was unable to. 

Ive since discovered that may not be legit. If this is the case, what should I do? I paid for them on my debit card. Is it likely I'll get reimbursed?

Any comments appreciated.



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Top Sat 23rd Jun 2012 17:04
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So sorry to read your post, please do report this to Action Fraud. You will need to talk to your bank re chargeback, some banks are more cooperative than others.

All the information you need to help you can be found on our Ticket Safe pages - start with What to do if you are a victim of fraud - hope that helps.

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Top Wed 27th Jun 2012 18:40
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I am really sorry to hear you got caught up in this to, I found out last week and its gutting.  You will need to contact your bank and tell them what has happened.  They will then tell you that until the event has passed they are still "technically" in the post! Once the event has passed then you can fill in the relevent paperwork and hopefully, if you still have them, the emails that you had giving you payment confirmation.

I have also made a note of the website address and also this website so that my bank can see all the evidence that we have been scammed. Once you have contacted your bank then forwarded all the relevent evidence they will then investigate it and then a refund will be given.  I am with Natwest and I paid for one ticket on my Debit card and they have assured me that getting a refund on that ticket shouldnt be a problem, however, I also paid for another ticket on a credit card and they have said that due to it being over 6 months they will investigate but wont refund.  Apparantly its down to banks descretion.  Please can I strongly recommend that you also contact Action Fraud regarding this matter, its all very well getting money back but the disapointment of being let down is just as bad, they need to be stopped.

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Top Mon 27th May 2013 15:32
Hayden Byrne
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Trusting a website without knowing about its genuineness is really a bit of foolish work. So, just be ware go with a trusted website ask people about it and then go for that website.
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