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Has anyone received there tickets for Bestival 2011???
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Post # 61
Top Tue 19th Jun 2012 18:47

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Oats - you seem to be argueing with yourself. How weird.
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Post # 62
Top Tue 19th Jun 2012 23:34

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I think he is just reading back through old posts in this thread and answering them
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Post # 63
Top Wed 20th Jun 2012 11:14

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i was replying to previous posts.

i have spoken our credit card company and a clothing company in brighton took the money off our credit card, not Aossa. Aossa are now not answering any calls either so people get onto your credit card companies and get your money back from them as i suspect Aossa are about to disappear off teh face of the planet. I have reported them to action fraud and also trading standards so will update as i hear more
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Post # 64
Top Mon 25th Jun 2012 13:16
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My daughter has also been let down by them. Bought 2 Nicki Minaj tickets for Thursday 28th June in March and today (25th June) still no tickets. We were told they would be with us on Saturday 23rd but nothing turned up. I waited for the post this morning but nothing arrived and phoned them again where i was told they would be arriving today!!! I told the girl the post had already arrived and there was nothing and asked her if they actually had the tickets in the first place to sell to me - she told me they should have been posted out from their supplier so i asked her if the company was actually real or was it just a scam to get peoples money from them. Anyway to cut a long story short - I explained to her i was informing the police, Action fraud, trading standards and that if i was her i would be looking for another job immediately as the company wouldnt be trading for long because of all the negative comments and told her to google the company (which she told me she was looking at!!!!) She offered me a full refund (she hadnt even asked my name or taken any details from me so she didnt know who i was). I do honestly feel sorry for these people who are working there (if they dont know what type of company they are dealing with) but that isnt my problem. I really hope they refund the money - my daughter has gone onto getmein and paid £300 for two tickets - life is just such a rip off isnt it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Post # 65
Top Tue 26th Jun 2012 08:23
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I order stone roses tickets which was due 10 days befor the event surprise surprise they never actually came Aossa tickets are nothing but a rob, please do not ever deal with this company ! Fortunately we are able to claim bk off the credit card company but not till after the event ! Scam do not use
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Post # 66
Top Tue 26th Jun 2012 10:48

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their number is now not recognised , as suspected they have doen a disappearing act with all our money
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Post # 67
Top Tue 26th Jun 2012 17:02
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They are a bunch of conning men and women!!!!

I have contacted all their umbers and they are dead. Tracked down telephone number of their "offices" to be told they have kicked them out for non payment and also have contacted the police.

Also rung ABTA as they are ABTA bonded (reg number Y4771)

The company also operate under names AW TRADING, THE TICKET BUREAU etc.
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Post # 68
Top Tue 26th Jun 2012 21:21
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we've bought 2 tickets for the stone roses for this friday 29th june for husbands birthday, (or so we believed), with no tickets arriving I started to get suspicious and began to research into AOSSA tickets and didn't have to get far to realise it looks like I think we've been SCAMMED.... i know we have a few days left, but after reading all this, I feel such a fool...
wish I'd heard of safe concerts.com first.... :-((( oh well, better late than never.
After friday, and if no arrival of tickets, we'll be reporting them to action fraud and as many people as possible

I was fooled by the fact they were on the first page of GOOGLE, slightly undercut the other companies, looked good to me.... WISH I DID A QUICK RESEARCH ON THEM FIRST TO REALISE THEY'RE FAKERS

Though, looking at the website again after the purchase, they have an office in Bermuda.. Hmmmm
They've showed up on my credit card bill as AW TRADING, as I've purchased on credit card, I hope we can get a refund...
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Post # 69
Top Tue 26th Jun 2012 21:35
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These people are experts when it comes to conning people and use all sorts of methods to fool you. You should get a refund from your credit card company. People are reporting them to Action Fraud now so they may well take your complaint before Friday.

Please don't feel like a fool, as I said at the start - these people are experts at scamming ticket buyers, thousands will find they have been scammed as the dates for these shows get closer.
“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”
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Post # 70
Top Tue 21st Aug 2012 13:28
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Quote from Denise_Foxman - 30th Aug 2011 13:41 View
I am a little concerned I have brought some tickets for Bestival 2011from Aosstickets.com which is part of Aoss Events but I have yet to receive them. This is my first festival I have booked and was expecting to have my tickets by now, is it correct to have to wait so close to the event to receive your tickets? Aossa have advised my tickets will be with me this week. Can anyone else advise if they have received there tickets from  this company for the Bestival???




You will all be pleased to know that I have located the scammer down himself. His name is Ian Oliver and below is the link direct to his information... please call him yourself or visit his Farm....!!! Funny how he has a farm must be from all that FRAUD money he has collected. Its also worth noting the other companies he is associated with throughout the UK. Again all this information is below to make use of it peoples and get your MONEY BACK..!!!

http://www.cdrex.com/ian-oliver/72698.html - ALL COMPANIES HE IS A DIRECTOR OF????? SCAM SCAM SCAM

http://www.thephonebook.bt.com/publisha.content/en/search/residential/search.publisha?Surname=oliver&x=42&y=12&Location=CROOK++{+-+COUNTY+DURHAM}&OriginalLocation=crook&Range=xloc - LIVES IN CROOK - VERY APT NAME


I Oliver
Tel: (0191) 378 3804 - Text Number
South Brandon Fm , Crook, DL15 9AT - Map


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Post # 71
Top Tue 21st Aug 2012 15:36

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Hi Coolio,

Firstly, I would re-read the website before making such wild allegations. It is very doubtful that the Ian Oliver you are looking for owns more than three of the companies listed and it is grossly unfair to cast aspersions on other companies that just happen to have a director with the same name.

The information you found is freely available on the net so I am sure the relevant authorities already have it. I certainly would not encourage anyone to visit Ian Oliver. What do you think you could possibly achieve, apart from maybe putting yourself on the wrong side of the law? Tempting as it is, I suggest you leave well alone and allow justice to take it's course.
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Post # 72
Top Wed 22nd Aug 2012 16:29

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Too depressing, same old, same old.
The story starts off with a few tentative enquiries from people who have ordered tickets and are looking for reassurance.
Then there a couple of (planted?) replies from people purporting to having received their tickets.
After that there is a trickle, soon escalating to a torrent of people who have been scammed.
Next comes the threats of action and the promises to track down the scammers.
After that - nothing.

Markland is always claiming that "statutory bodies" read these posts. Seems doubtful. Why do none of them ever post any advice or reassurance that they are tackling the problem?
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