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Sat 19th May 2012 08:32
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i am very worried cos i bought a ticket for blur at margate yesterday at aossa tickets. ever since then the weirdest things have happened - they sent me an invoice for the payment but my credit card was not accepted on the site. i phoned my credit card company straight away and was told that there was no problem with my card whatsoever. then i received an email saying my payment has been accepted and my booking confirmed. 2 hours later i got an email saying my card had been declined and my payment was still due (wtf???) and one minute later a got another message saying my booking was cancelled. i tried to get in touch and finally gor hold of somebody on their landline number - she told me that it had all been a mistake, i still had my ticket (it was not cancelled) and they would sort out the payment on monday. i then tried to email them cos i wanted some written confirmation of what she had told me on the phone and the email didn't get through to them. now i'm worried for two reasons:firstly cos i don't know whether or not i'll receive my ticket and also cos i'm starting to suspect that this is some kind of fraud or whatever and they're trying to hack my credit card number or whatever people are capable of.

have any of you made any experiences with aossa or heard anything about them?

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Top Sat 19th May 2012 11:04
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Hi Iris

We have been concerned about this website for some time now, it is not a legitimate, primary site and does not get an allocation of tickets from promoters. We would not recommend anyone to use this website.

I would be very concerned about a company that behaved like this, if I were in your position I would cancel my credit card and look to purchase tickets from a legitimate site.

If you managed to get hold of someone from this company I would expect them to sort out a payment issue immediately, not to make you wait until Monday.
“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”
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Top Sat 19th May 2012 18:39
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thanx for this input - in the meantime i've read the other threads about aossa here and i'm feeling so stupid for being so naive :( i just wanted this ticket so badly and as the concert was sold out on eventim after a few minutes i switched off my brain and allowed myself to be fooled in such a stupid way.

do you know what these fraud companies are up to usually? will it be necessary to get a new credit card, now that they have my credit card details? and where do they get the tickets from? they must get tickets sometimes as people have claimed that they actually received theirs... and what exactly do they benefit from this kind of fraud? is it merely a way of getting ppl's credit card details?

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Top Sat 19th May 2012 21:29

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Hi Iris,
Let's just say it would be a good idea to change your card details AND cancel the transaction.

I had to reread Clause 9.1 in their T&C 4 times because I just did not believe anyone would be that blatant about their intention not to cover you for your rights as a consumer.

9.1 The Seller has no control over the running of the Event and the Seller gives no warranty and makes no representation that the Event shall take place and, subject to Conditions 8.2, 8.3 and 14.8, the Seller shall not be liable to give any refund in the event of the Event being cancelled or postponed, subject to Conditions 8.2 and 14.8.

8.2 Relates to your rights if you die.
8.3 Does not exist
14.8 Does not exist

But don't blame yourself. These guys are professionals. Glad you've now found Safeconcerts. ;-)

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Post # 5
Top Sun 20th May 2012 09:34
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Please don't beat yourself up about this, these sites set themselves up specifically to fool people, we know that lots of folk get caught - including police and others who pride themselves on being very savvy about all this.

These sites are devious and clever, it's not you, boundaries have been blurred for years and the ticket buying public have not been protected. That's how it all works and that's how they make their money.

I would absolutely cancel my card if I were you and cancel that transaction. Keep an eye on the primaries - often they release tickets at a later date, you could also try contacting the venue as well.
“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”
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Post # 6
Top Tue 12th Jun 2012 18:19
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Booked and paid for x2 Pearl Jam tickets in Dec 2011 for concert in Manchester 20 June 2012.

Have just received an e-mail today stating that the booking has been cancelled!!!

The e-mail read:

"We have unfortunately had to cancel your booking with AossaTickets.com for the following event - . Our company sincerely apologises about this rare situation that has arisen but the matter is out of Aossa Tickets control. Our main supplier has just informed us that they have oversubscribed the allocation of tickets promised to Aossatickets.com for this event, which has resulted in our company not receiving the full requested allocation promised.

It’s due to over subscription, your one of a handful of tickets.

Our customer representatives will be working very hard with you to resolve this situation at the earliest opportunity. We need to take some firm instructions from you with the options provided below to resolve this issue:

· OPTION : 1

Request a full refund for the price paid for the ticket to your requested event.

· OPTION : 2

Request to book the same event but on an alternative date than the one chosen. You will need to discuss this option with the customer representative at Aossatickets.com to ensure we have availability.

Aossa Tickets will again like to the opportunity to sincerely apologise about having to cancel your tickets to your requested event. Due to the inconvenience caused we will provide you with a 25% discount on your next order with Aossatickets.com."

I phoned them and was met with a "couldn't care less" attitude from the first "Customer Service" agent that I spoke to (Lucy Turner). I asked to be escalated to a manager and was told that there was no one in today apart from Customer Services!! I then got passed to her colleague who also gave me the same "couldn't care less" attitude (Eve Jones).

Eve told me that there was simply nothing they could do, it wasn't their fault and that they had not been given the majority of their allocation - strange the e-mail says that my tickets were one of only a handful that could not be allocated. The e-mail also says that their "Customer Service" Agents will be working very hard with me to resolve the issue. REALLY???? The only thing they seemed to be working very hard to do was to stop themselves from yawning whilst taking my call.

Option 2 was also a joke as they said they did not have any other tickets available but if I searched the internet I may find some on TicketMaster still!!!!

REALLY!!!!!!! Are these people for real or what???? If there where still tickets out there, then why are they not acquiring them for their customers who have already bought and paid for the them??? Not their responsibility apparently as they would be out of pocket if they did this!!!

Eve then told me that it was impossible to pass my call to a manager as there was physically no one there!! All they could do was say sorry and refund my money after 28 days!! However, I was welcome to call back tomorrow to see if a manager might be in to take my call!!!!!

I have to say AossaTickets your offer of a 25% discount on my next order can be shoved right up where the sun don't shine!!!! Do you really think I'm EVER going to use you again????

BE WARNED - this company is a joke!!! DO NOT USE THEM - don't end up like me and have to buy tickets again at over inflated prices in order to avoid loss of hotel bookings and a surprise birthday weekend celebration!!!!!!!!

I have asked for a call back from the so called Support Manager Annabel Ashley or the Managing Director Peter DeHavalind but I doubt that will happen!! I've now had to pay £178 today to replace the two tickets that they have failed to supply and the best they could do was say sorry, it's not our fault but we'll refund you after 28 days!!!!!

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Post # 7
Top Tue 12th Jun 2012 21:04

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Report the matter to Actionfraud.org.uk

Aossa has no allocation of tickets for any event that we can find and we have contacted all of the UKs major promoters to check that

Aossa has already had two merchant services terminated on suspicion of fraud
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Post # 8
Top Mon 25th Jun 2012 12:40

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Also just to make you all aware no one is now answering the phones at Aossa. I suspect they have now gone to the wall and we can all kiss goodbye to any money they have of ours.
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Post # 9
Top Mon 25th Jun 2012 13:15
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My daughter has also been let down by them. Bought 2 Nicki Minaj tickets for Thursday 28th June in March and today (25th June) still no tickets. We were told they would be with us on Saturday 23rd but nothing turned up. I waited for the post this morning but nothing arrived and phoned them again where i was told they would be arriving today!!! I told the girl the post had already arrived and there was nothing and asked her if they actually had the tickets in the first place to sell to me - she told me they should have been posted out from their supplier so i asked her if the company was actually real or was it just a scam to get peoples money from them. Anyway to cut a long story short - I explained to her i was informing the police, Action fraud, trading standards and that if i was her i would be looking for another job immediately as the company wouldnt be trading for long because of all the negative comments and told her to google the company (which she told me she was looking at!!!!) She offered me a full refund (she hadnt even asked my name or taken any details from me so she didnt know who i was). I do honestly feel sorry for these people who are working there (if they dont know what type of company they are dealing with) but that isnt my problem. I really hope they refund the money - my daughter has gone onto getmein and paid £300 for two tickets - life is just such a rip off isnt it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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