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Euroteam directors arrested on suspicion of fraud

Norwegian authorities actually start to act at last
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Sun 29th Jul 2012 03:01

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Euroteam did not only sell olympic tickets it didnt have

It also offers for sale tickets it does not possess for a variety of music events across europe

There have been numerous warnings on Safeconcerts about Euroteam for some time and, at last, some action is being taken by the authorities

Here is part of the press release from the Metropolitan Police:



Public urged to check Olympic ticket purchases


Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Service’s Operation Podium are warning the public who may have bought tickets for the London Olympic and Paralympic Games from "EUROTEAM" that they may not receive their tickets [12 July 2012]


If you have bought tickets from any of the following websites you need to immediately:

Contact the company you originally tried to buy tickets from;

Public urged to check Olympic ticket purchasesContact your method of payment service provider and draw this matter to their attention.

  • www.euroteam.net
  • www.tixnet.com
  • www.olympicticket.info
  • www.euroteam.info
  • www.euroteamtickets.com
  • www.2012tickets.org
  • www.londonsummergames.net
  • www.londonsummergames.org
  • www.euroteam.travel
  • www.worldticketservice.net

Detective Superintendent Nick Downing from the Operation Podium team said:

"Please check carefully if you have bought tickets from any of these websites, I am seriously concerned that anyone who has bought Olympic or Paralympic tickets will now not receive them. 

"There is an ongoing investigation by the Norwegian Police into the wider activity of this company, and we know that the company have stated that they have not sourced all of the Olympic and Paralympic tickets that they have sold."


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Top Wed 1st Aug 2012 12:26

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The Office of Fair Trading and the Serious and Organised Crime Agency have taken action in the High Court against Euroteam

What is interesting is the revelation that they are suspected of having taken money for some 20,000 Olympic tickets and only had 5,000 tickets sourced to supply

The full details and the High Court ruling are available at the link below

Plenty of good reasons not to buy event, sport or festival tickets from Euroteam

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Top Thu 9th Aug 2012 22:25

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So for all you sceptics who suggested the CPRs would never hold up in a court of law, OFT have now proved you wrong. In the case against Euroteam they used the following:

The practices constitute 'banned practices' listed in Schedule 1 to the CPRs prohibited under Regulation 3(4)(d) CPRs. The practice of stating or otherwise creating the impression that a product, can legally be sold when it cannot, is in breach of paragraph 9 Schedule 1 CPRs.

The practices infringe Regulation 3(4)(a) CPRs as constituting misleading actions under Regulation 5(2) CPRs, in particular in containing false information or information that is likely to deceive consumers in relation to a number of matters set out in Regulation 5(4) CPRs -in particular that the seller was authorised to supply tickets, as well as the availability of the tickets, and their fitness for purpose.

The practices infringe Regulation 3(4)(b) CPRs as involving misleading omissions under Regulation 6 CPRs, taking account of the features of the commercial practice and in particular the business practices of the Defendants which omit and/or hide material information (such as the risk that consumers may be denied entry because the tickets supplied are void according to their terms and conditions). This is information that the average consumer needs to take an informed transactional decision.

I've removed all references to the Olympics just to demonstrate that these laws are as applicable to the unauthorised resale of any tickets.

We are all aware that the Government has historically denied that ticket fraud is major enough to warrant intervention. However, the auto answer on Action Fraud now suggests otherwise. It says "If your report relates to ticket fraud press one" There are no other options.

Obviously, I don't know why option one is dedicated to ticket fraud. Perhaps it relates to the OFT shutting down 236 European sites resulting in a lot of unhappy consumers or maybe, as seems likely, Dispatches and the ensuing publicity has resulted in victims, who might have kept silent in the past, making complaints to AF.

Either way, by using the CPRs rather than the laws specific to the Olympics, OFT are now in a position to warn and then close down any website in breach of the CPRs listed above. So far they've only closed 236 sites selling Olympic tickets but those laws are universal and apply to the big 4 and every single UK ticket tout.

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