Just want to warn anyone against purchasing from Ticket Selection. I purchased Stone Roses tickets 5/11/2015 at the hugely inflated cost of £250. The tickets never arrived I have phoned and emailed them numerous time without a reply the week before the concert !! I received a text on the night of the concert from an unknown number saying " were are you I am at the venue with your tickets it's getting late" this was at 8pm and considering I live in Scotland and the concert was in Manchester there was zero chance of me getting there !! The concert was on 18/06, I finally received a email from Ticket Selection on 22/06 saying they would not be refunding my money because they arranged for me to pick up the tickets as per their terms and conditions !! Unbelievable I email back and said I assumed they still had the tickets as I obviously couldn't make in from Scotland to Manchester in 20 mins to pick them up again no reply or answer to any calls !! They have resold my tickets and are still refusing a refund !!  Do not purchase any tickets from this company they will take your money and not deliver ! They are also based in London yet there website only has an address in Spain obviously in order to dodge consumer legislation in the UK !! Ticket touting at its worst !! Please do not be conned by them !!!