Without doubt, The WORST service I have ever received from any company or service.


I got totally ripped off by them and they provide zero customer service when you try to complain or look for a refund.


I had purchased tickets for The Stone Rose in Marley Park in Dublin, for 240 euro but they never arrived.

All I got was a letter confirming the order.


Every time I tried to ring customer services about it the line went dead.

When I sent an email I got an automated reply saying take it up with the postal service.

Even though on their website it clearly says if you don't get your tickets you get a full refund.

In reality, they make it impossible to speak to anyone incustomer services, as in a 'human being' to deal with your complaint.

So how can you get a refund if they stonewall you? A real joke of a service. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE


So not only did I not get my tickets, missed the concert, and get ripped off to the tune of 240 euro.

They also insulted me into the bargain by hanging up on me and by basiclly calling me a liar.

Will NEVER be using again, and would advise everyone on here to do the same

I'm seeing SO many similar bad reviews


I've never used a website like this before, but thought I should sign up so other customers know to steer clear of  this

unprofessional joke of a company.


They should be taken up by trading standards if they weren't hiding out in Switzerland.


While maybe the company is not oficially a SCAM,

it certainly provides a platform for SCAMS to take place.

and does not take any responibilty for the thefts that happen through their service.

Which is what it amounts to in my case.




Eoin Minihan