Two months ago a got an email blast from Queen of Tickets selling Nick Cave Melbourne concert tickets.

Not a fan myself but my sister is. So I bought her x2 tickets  in Nov 2016 seated tickets close to the stage (in the pit)  for her xmas/birthday at a cost of approx $550. As the concert got closer late Jan 2017 I started to wonder where the tickets were?

I contacted Queen of Tickets.

Only to find out Queen of Tickets did not have the tickets and were relying on a third party to supply them.

So Queen of Tickets never owned the tickets to sell in the first place!

And expected me to just accept this excuse like it was not their fault, bad luck. Talk about lack of customer service! They instead tried to palm me off b grade lawn tickets.

In my opinon Queen of Tickets misrepresented what they were doing. I wonder if this is illegal and ASIC or consumer affairs should audit them?

They never owned the tickets in the first place by their own admission to me. This was not clear to me on their website. I bought the tickets in good faith. So now a couple of days out from the concert,  two months after I payed and started waiting for the tickets to arrive- I have to find replacement tickets- no doubt at a higher price elsewhere.

Looking to go to a concert buyer beware of Queen of Tickets!