Review by: Nick
Artist: Steve Coogan [score 2/5]
Quite dissapointed at Derby Assembly Rooms last night. Not a patch from the tour 10 years previous. Saxondale was limp, and Duncan Thicket was piss poor. The support acts were absolute shite. Pauline has toned down her vocabulary to the point of a nun compared to her earlier outbursts. Maybe Hollywood has softened him up, I don't know. Paul Calf was ok. Mr Coogan even struggled with his material, glancing at notes halfway through Partridge. Having said that, Partridge was what we came to see and he was good, just not great. I felt stiffed for the 30 quid. Wish I had spent the money on Frankie Boyle top be honest. Sorry Steve, you've lost the crown in my eyes. I hope he improves.


Venue: Assembly Rooms Derby [score 4/5]
good, as usual a joke getting a drink. Noty enough staff.