Artist: Fuse 07 [score 2/5]
I looked forward to Fuse 07, as Fuse 06 showed real promise and by building on this it could have been a great gig, particularly with it being moved to the Empire. However I thought that it had not learned anything from the previous event and resulted in an under attended night. The battle of the bands and Dire N Grey (mainly) pulled in a small fan base and the Xbox clan matches gathered some from the gaming community, but I felt that neither groups were catered for sufficiently - not enough known bands for the musos and not enough gaming for the thumb twitchers. The bands were more thrash than last time, I heard one guy laughing about being able to make out a couple of words in one song which was not a gutteral roar. Unless Fuse 08 looks carefully at getting some more popular bands to pull in more fans I fear that it too will fail to live up to the considerable promise that an event put on with Ubisoft and with sponsors such as Gibson will bring.

Venue: Shepherds Bush Empire [score 4/5]
First time at the 'Bush, and it seems like a good venue, though very much like a rabbit warren - be careful if your sense of direction sucks. They had a no readmission policy and the usual no smoking policy, so anyone who smokes needs to accept that they are going for a smoke free night. When will places look at letting smokers out for a crafty? I would return to the Empire for a band, especially as I now know where to park (by the shopping mall thing - £9 for the evening)