Review by: Leah
Artist: My Chemical Romance [score 5/5]
I would have to say at all the gigs I have ever been to, this has got to be the best! The supporting act Mindless Self Indulgence put on such a show, and for a supporting act, they got a amazing response from the crowd! When My Chemical Romance came on the night just got more amazing, the crowd were mixed, from rock fans all over, young ones, couples, and adults! There was a bit of a mosh pit for those more adventures fans, but there was also a good view for those who wanted to sit! And for having two band members pull out(for very good reasons), the remaining band members Gerard, Ray and Mikey kept the crowd entertained the whole night, with Gerard making each and every fan feel special! They played stuff from all albums, witch for me made it extra special! A few I Brought You My Bullets You Brought Me Your Love songs, about five Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge songs, and the rest The Black Parade stuff! I think the floor must of been over flowing in sweat! As the show was that good, all the men/boys(and some girls/woman) had their tops off! And I tell you what I payed 23 quid for that gig, I would of payed over 80 quid for that gig!

About 20 minutes after the gig, Mindless Self Indulgence came out to meet the fans (they are amazing guys!) and a few hours later My Chemical Romance came out + Bob (who were happy to wait till every single fan had a picture and an autograph and have a wee chat with them)

Thanks for reading, I hope some of you go and see a My Chemical Romance gig, cause believe its WELL worth the money!! And I got some amazing pictures of mcr right up close (getting to front center after arriving LATE)

Venue: Aberdeen Exhibition Centre P&J Arena [score 4/5]
The venue was about 10x smaller than everywhere else but that probably made it better!

Security [score 3/5]
They weren't so good on checking us cause we arrived late, but they did help alot of people in the crowd if the were getting into difficulty's!