Review by: Tony Bolland
Artist: Plug Inn 2 [score 5/5]
Once again excellent bands from the 1970's on Merseyside 9 bands reformed to show everyone what musicianship is all about. AL Peters (of Lawnmower/The Bluesmen & 29th & Dearborn) started the night off with an unplugged version of the Bluesmen followed by Rock outfit Anjel who performed vintage tracks such as Fleetwood Mac's 'I need your lovin tonight' and finishing off with 'Sweet home Alabama' this tight trio blew the crowd away. After that came Shooter another tight rock n roll outfit who warmed the crowd for Soul/Funk band Fantasy who were perfection in terms they gave us Heatwave's 'Boogie Nights' and if you closed your eyes could be convinced to be listening to the real thing.then came the Blues Gang made up of session musicians who have a pedigree of top bands behind them and were by far the most popular band on the night. We thought that the band before were going to be tough to follow although Colonel Bagshot did just that with the original version of 'Six day war' recently remixed by Dj Shadow and used in 'Phonebooth' and 'The Fast & The Furious' they were truly amazing and excellent musicians who toured with all the great artists of the 70's. Then came Soundtrax with guest bass and drums who again blew me away the vocals of Dave Graham and the incredible axeman were complimented by Alan Lynch (bass) and Phil Chittick (drums formerly of Supercharge) and the audience went wild.
Next Joan O'Neill (Mel C's Mum) and his band 'Love Potion' performed classics from the 70's including Smokey Robinson's 'The way you do the things you do'we now know where the Spice Girls best vocalist and excellent solo vocalist's got her talent from. Finally the night was complete with a raw rock band called Splinter who had the Academy rocking and completed an excellent night of live music X factor eat your heart out.

Venue: Liverpool Carling Academy [score 5/5]
Great venue and really well run

Security [score 4/5]
The security was in place and very good