Review by: Jade
Artist: Back for Good [score 5/5]
As a massive fan of Take That, there were high expectations to meet, and now from seeing the show on numerous occasions, I can say in all honesty that Back For Good is simply the BEST tribute I've seen to Take That - and I've seen a lot!! Back For Good have recreated the magic all over the UK now, and they have never fail to entertain me, and the rest of their audiences. The Back For Good show offers excitement for all - young and old, male and female. This show is well worth going to see, you get more than your money's worth - and personally I would pay triple to see them! All the guys are spot on with what they do - Danny Maines is virtually Barlow, I swear they're related somewhere along the lines.. Matt Hall is the BEST Mark Owen I've seen, sometimes holding a tune better than the real one.. Jay MacGregor has got the Jason thing to a tee, squint and you'll think it is Mr Orange.. and Steven Craven, he's just incredible! They only person more like Howard, is Howard! Plus, they're supported with a fabulous band and dancers! I suggest that ALL Take That fans, and those who aren't go and buy tickets - you will not leave disappointed!!! The fabulous four put one hell of a show, a show that TT themselves could sit proudly and watch! These lads deserve the heights of success with what they do; they're just incredible!!