Review by: Nariece Sanderson
Artist: All Time Low [score 4/5]
On a March evening, after queuing around the block, we eventually enter the O2 Brixton Academy. A young irish lady nearby exclaims her desire to see Young Guns - who are already on stage. On the plus side, the night (and most of the crowd) is young - and the atmosphere is vibrant.
Second up on support is Californian- band YellowCard. They bring energy and power to the stage and entertain everyone, including those who are very unfamiliar with their songs. Melody and violins entwined with good old guitar distortion bring a fresh feel to the pop-punk genre. A vast majority of the audience seem to be joining in and singing along to their tunes anyway, proving that YellowCard could be seeing quite a few people at their shows later this year.
At last All Time Low hit the stage, bursting into a rendition of 'Keep the Change, You Filthy Animal' which is closely followed by their hit 'Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't)'. The lads mix together sparkle, energy, jokes and banter to create the cocktail that is an All Time Low Gig.They continue to play a lot of tunes off of their album 'Nothing Personal' with occasional revisits to some classic singles. The 5,000 fans here are having fun, and so are the band - who are trying to persuade a man covered in green paint to crowdsurf. After performing a cover of Katy Perry's 'Teenage Dream' the lads play possibly the highlight of their set : 'Therapy'. It all ends on a high - 'Dear Maria (Count me In)' ends the show. Even though the set didn't seem too long - 15 songs- All Time Low did wonderfully with the time they had. so, forget 'Remembering Sunday', Saturday night- in my opinion- was an All Time High.