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Quex Park

7 Replies
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Original Message Post # 1
Sat 26th Jul 2008 23:29

Venue: Quex Park [score 1/5]
Organisation total SHAMBLES. Whoever heard of having to queue an hour and a half for a beer?
A public apology should be issued! Also no big screens, was this done on the cheap? The bands were excellent though, thank god, otherwise it would have been a total let down.

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Post # 2
Top Sat 26th Jul 2008 23:34

Venue: Quex Park [score 2/5]
Venue superb, sound excellent, organisation shit !

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Post # 3
Top Sun 27th Jul 2008 13:42

Venue: Quex Park [score 3/5]
I must agree with both comments.I went to both days and the bands were x c lent. But who ever was in charge needs to find another job because they cant do the one they are being paid for. Who has ever heard of queing for over a hour for beer tokens and then to make matter worse you then had to wait over another to get your beer....HOW BLOODY STUPID.It would of been better to have many tokens booths you could go to.To have one beer tent for thousands of hot ,thirsty people was another poor move to make.I know that I dont have the expirence for this better im pretty sure I could of sorted this one out. QUEX PARK get a grip,sort this out before next year.I know if I started a poll on here it wouldnt be a good poll.

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Post # 4
Top Sun 27th Jul 2008 22:19

Venue: Quex Park [score 1/5]
The organisers of this event should be blacklisted by every UK artist that wants to maintain their fanbase.
They absolutely sucked the pleasure out of what should've been a fabulous show with their lack of organisation, surely they could work out how many tickets they sold would mean that with no food or drink permitted into the venue , they would need to pre sell beer tokens, have at least two beer tents, twice as many porta loos,cleaners for the porta loos, marshalls for the queue jumpers,enough bottled water to last beyond 5.30,more food stalls and soft drink stalls.
the tickets said dont bring any FOOD OR DRINK to the venue, a large selection would be available. Where was the halal kebab and the Kosher chicken??
1 1/2 hours to queue for beer token,3 hours to queue for beer where there were no carrying devices as they ran out at 7pm and tough if you didnt get to use the tokens because of the wait, they were non redeemable!
The amount that were not used because of the organisers greed was certainly forseen by them and must've been a delibrate ploy to part people from their money .
Was this one of the challenges set for next years apprentice??!!
someone please provide these people with a calculator.

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Post # 5
Top Mon 28th Jul 2008 15:13

Venue: Quex Park [score 1/5]
cant beleive what a total shambles this was. web site promised a token system for getting beer and drinks would reduce queues. what a disgrace .had to queue for over an hour for tokens /then nearly two hours for beer tent .one tent only. never seen such a blatent money making venture. as you were banned from even taking in a bottle of water there was no alternative. £32.50 each for a ticket then the lady that sold tokens said we could only buy £30 00 worth . there were 10 people in our party £320 spent to be treated like idiots. when one of us eventually got to the bar there was no way of transporting the drinks i tried to get to help but was told by the very power crazed marshall that it was not allowed to pass the drinks over the barrier. could go on and on total crap .needless to say we will never go again. the organisers ruined what could have been a great time as music and weather were great maxi priest deserves a medal for rescuing the whole day

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Post # 6
Top Mon 28th Jul 2008 16:49
Rating: Karaoke Kid
Joined: 28/07/2008
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Venue: Quex Park [score 4/5]
It's a shame that the organisers of the UB40, Hoosiers etc., concerts didn't attend the previous week' event. A charity bash (TRex, Suzi Quatro, The Glitter Band) organised by the local Rotary Club. Ok there were less people approx 4,500 but it was brilliant, food and drink was allowed, 2 or 3 cash beer tents (my longest queue 5/6 mins, plently of food vendors) The sound was great the crowd friendly. Stewards, who were principally Rotarians were extremely helpful. I returned the following Friday for The Hoosiers, Scouting for girls etc. Sound was still very good but the access to food and drink was beyond a joke. The pros need to learn from the amatuers in this instance.

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Post # 7
Top Sat 2nd Aug 2008 02:32

Venue: Quex Park [score 1/5]
totally agree with all the comments on how bad the organization was... from woman having to queue to be searched while men were allowed straight though! if there is a next time i will get my man to smuggle the alcohol etc through as the queues for the ONLY beer tent were horrific!! & stupid remarks from a steward saying that we must all be mad for queuing really didnt help!- WTF ELSE WERE WE SUPPOSED TO DO WHEN THERE IS A TOTAL BAN FROM BRINGING UR OWN FOOD OR DRINK? DYE FROM DEHYDRATION?? WHAT A TOTAL F*** UP!
what we should have done was demanded our beer tokens to be refunded-those of us stupid enough to presume that we would be able to get our drinks without having to stand in a queue for at least ONE AND A HALF HOURS!! and gone down the local pub instead where it would have been CHEAPER QUICKER AND A HELL OF A LOT NICER than the ordeal we had to endure at quex park!! the fact that we put up with that shit treatment instead of boycotting the bar pisses me off even more...! think about it......what could they have done if we had all gone down the off licence and brought back our own beers instead?? arrested us all? i dont think so!! i only saw two police officers there the whole day and the most the stewards would have been able to do is refuse us re-entry but then we would have still been able to hear the bands outside the gates which was all i could manage to do from the queue anyway!! I CERTAINLY COULDNT SEE THEM SO WHAT DIFFERENCE WOULD IT HAVE MADE?? APART FROM DEPRIVING THE ORGANIZERS FROM PROFITING FROM ALL MONEY MADE FROM BEER SALES BY ALL US MUGS....THATS WHAT!!
THE ONLY PRAISE MUST GO TO ALL THE BANDS WHO WERE EXCELLENT ESP IMPERIAL LEISURE AND UB40 the only two i actually got to see! thank you for being the only enjoyable experience from an otherwise totally shit day!! ps u may also want to think twice about accepting any future gig bookings at this venue too.....!

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Post # 8
Top Wed 29th Jul 2009 18:55

Review by: MS A KING
Venue: Quex Park [score 2/5]
We went to see the Pussycat dolls and supporting acts 25july09.What a shambles rite from the start,no organisation when it comes to queing,after waiting some time,people cue jumping and using foul languge when confronted by others,then got in to the park ,this time it was cash only,got to the beer tent,they where asking for the right money as they had no change?what a joke,alot of waiting between each act, at times my niece and friends where bored,no larger screens for those at the back. The porto loos where ok in the day light,it's when it got dark ooyuck!!! the litter was terrible,did'nt see a single cleaner And as for the people selling the merchandise tryed saying that gave them the correct money when you know what you gave them its a disgrace.If they wont to use this for future functions they got to do alot better than they are.WHEN WILL QUEX PARK GET IT RIGHT?

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