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7th February 2013

Touts exploit Wilko Johnson's farewell tour, turning respect into greed

Proof that there is no opportunity that secondary sellers won't pass up, no matter how tasteless

Recently it was announced that the legendary Wilko Johnson has been diagnosed with terminal cancer of the pancreas and has chosen not to undergo chemotherapy.

Wilko Johnson, guitarist and founding member of Dr. Feelgood then announced a series of farewell concerts in the UK during March 2013.

“The four UK dates represent an opportunity for Wilko to express his sincere thanks to his fans for all the support he has had over his long career.”
Wilko’s manager, Robert Hoy

The touts and secondary agencies were quick off the ball for this one and snapped up the tickets which are now selling at way over face value on Viagogo, Stubhub and other so called "fan to fan" sites with some being touted in excess of £200 (face value £17.50).

This is yet another sickening example of the heartless greed that abounds in the secondary ticket market and shows the industry up for what it really is, an amoral wasteland. Whilst it may not be illegal to set up this sort of business which is clearly little short of a money making racket (cue comments from our many touts that keep an eye on this website), it's obviously morally bankrupt.

We feel certain this is not what Wilko Johnson intended or wanted for his farewell tour - you know what to do, please don't buy from these sites.

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Who wrote this article?
Written by arrgee2011 | 9th Feb 2013
'comments from our many touts' - Who is behind this article? I thought this site was anti-tout. Or is it just a mouthpiece for touts against secondary markets?

I haven't noted that many tickets for sale on eBay, StubHub nor Viagogo, and there are NO events listed on seatwave nor getmein which indicates that they are having no part of this. This seems to indicate that most of the tickets have got into the hands of those who do want to attend.

The concerts weren't widely publicised and it was only by chance I (and probably a host of other Dr. Feelgood fans) found out they were on sale about 5 minutes before the sale started and was lucky enough to get tickets for the Wednesday and subsequently the Sunday.

I suspect the promoters didn't anticipate the demand, and there are plenty more who would wish to see Wilko for one last time. I guess depending on how Wilko is, he may be able to do another couple of dates at larger venues, so others have the chance to see him one last time.
Written by nancyhaven | 8th Feb 2013
I don't think anyone would dispute that making a quick buck on the back of this tour is tasteless and immoral, but there is a part of me that hopes Wilko Johnson will be quite chuffed to know people are willing to pay out big bucks to see him.
There isn't a venue location which is suitably near for me, but if there had been I certainly would have considered buying tickets on the black market to see him.
It's only legal if...................
Written by Dusty | 7th Feb 2013
1) You don't make a profit from the sale.
2) You inform the purchaser that he/she may be turned away as the ticket is likely to be void.

If you bought it with the intention of reselling, you will also need to include your name and address.
Before you query the above check out the CPR (consumer protection regs) and OFT v Euroteam.

On the other hand...I've heard today that death threats have been made against at least one of the touts.
Get some perspective!
Touts exploit Wilko Johnson's farewell tour, turning respect into greed
Wilko Johnson News

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