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The Magic of the Beatles

The Magic of the Beatles
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big vern 69 15th Nov 2012, 13:59, said:
Can't for one minute understand some of the reviews on here, because this was probably the best nghts entertainment from a tribute show that I have ever witnessed! From start to finish the guys were amazing, vocally superb, fantastic musicianship, and the interaction with the audience was also fantastic, they were clearly enjoying the atmosphere and that was also great to see. I defy anyone to see a better Beatles tribute band anywhere. The theatre was virtually full (for a Wednesday night) and the general consensus in the bar afterwards was that everyone thought they were fantastic. As a musician of many years myself, I don't think I have heard so much talent in one place for a long long time. I know that the shows line-up has changed in the last 18 months, so maybe some other reviewers need to re-assess the show now, I for one would fully reccommend this show to anybody who loves the Beatles as well as great musicianship and entertainment.
scaniajess 2nd Oct 2012, 16:48, said:
Absolutely outstanding!! John and George looked and sounded EXACTLY like the real one's and Paul and Ringo's voice were also spot on. One of the best nights ever and will definitely go back to see them again and again.
Mark Hill 29th Mar 2011, 11:53, said:
These were an absolute joke. Lennon had no voice at all, macca was awful, The drummer was the only one who could sing.......and he was average. Most of the gig was on backing tapes.

I really dont understand how this band made it to such big venues. Someone has a wicked sense of humour to put these in front of an audience.

Waste of money and money

lucky 22nd Nov 2010, 09:03, said:
oh my god absolutely terrible! music ok singing awful! false Liverpool accents didnt go down well!
we walked out kalf way through no atmosphere- must go to Bootleg beatles - i clearly slipped up with this concert!

50 quid down the drian a complete waste of money!!

Fast freddie 21st Nov 2010, 20:54, said:
Absolutley awful. Tired looking band, out of tune and forgetting lyrics. Liverpool accents terrible. John Lennon by far the worst, why he came across cocky and arrogant, I have no idea, he was really bad. Some of it was definitely mimed and we were bored stiff. Only decent performance goes to George Harrison. We left at the interval totally disgusted at paying £25 each for such a poor evening. Please avoid for your own pockets.
Biddulphian 4th Jun 2010, 17:35, said:
I was at the same gig on the 29th and although I agree that the guy playing John Lenon was pretty aweful l'm convinced he was ill. It's a tough decision for a band to make Do we cancel and let people down or go on with one man not at 100% and give it our best shot..

The first track was (I think )'I wana hold your hand' and they seemed very nervous and I felt the tempo was a little off so I was initially a little worried, but after this they settled down and gave excellent renditions of most of the Beatles Hits through their career.

Overall my wife and I enjoyed the concert, Dave Peterson gave an an excellent imitation of Paul McCartney's voiceand performance and fortunately the songs were biased towards Pauls song's no doubt due to the other chap not being well.

Some people seemed to think they weren't playing live, as a guitarist myself I can asure poeple they most certainly were - the guy placing George's part doing an excellent job. Yes there was a couple of backing tracks being used here and there but that was probably the only realistic way to recreate the sound asper the original 45" vinyl.

As the previous viewer states a number of people did leave half way through the concert and some did quite unfairly in my mind complain to the Theatre managment, but it was their loss as the band played a blinding rendition of Get Back in the second half and even the chap playing John's part managed to do a more than half decent rendition of Twist 'n' Shout which got everyone on their feet joing in at the end.

So in my humble opinion Ill give them 6.5 out of 10.
Graham 31st May 2010, 18:17, said:
I saw them in Torquay on the 29th May and thought it was a poor show. The set was bland and the four 'Beatles' looked as if they would have preferred to be somewhere else. They showed little enthusiasm and did not relate to the audience. 'John Lennon' was the worst performer finding it very difficult to hit the notes. It sounded as if he had laryngitis. Several audience members walked out during the show. Some complained to the theatre managment. Save your money and give this one a miss.
simon and linda 4th May 2010, 16:22, said:
Hi there...went to see these guys at manchester palace theatre.I cant begin to tell you how terrible they are for a supposedly proffessional act.
Apparently,these guys go out under the name BEATLEMANIA as well,so i went along with my future wife,to see about booking them for our wedding.
What i saw and heard was a disgrace!!I am a music teacher by proffession,and the musicmanship was disgusting.
The pepper and abbey road era was mostly done by backing tracks via the drummers headset...not what you'd expect from a live show.
The vocals were also a dismal,and the band lacked any gusto or energy.
The paul mcartney stood in one spot most of the night,and thought he was a comedian,and the george looked like he'd just joined the band.
Take my advice,if you want to see yet another middle aged band portraying teenagers,go and see the bootlegs!!!!!
Trudi 30th Apr 2010, 18:17, said:
Dont waste your money! This was awful and most of the row infront of me never came back from the first interval. Im pretty sure they started playing one song and started singing a totally different song! The guy singing John Lennon's vocals ruined the entire night and the 2 "dancers" seemed to be girls off the street that had been shown one dance move and told to repeat it. Take my advice, save your money and go and see The Bootleg Beatles.
kevin and ruth 14th Apr 2010, 21:07, said:
Hi Everybody,
This was the worst show I have ever been to, the person singing the John Lennon vocals was the worst I have ever heard, myself and my wife were embarrassed and very dissapointed as where many others who left at the interval .
Just a few weeks earlier we went to a concert at the Lowry Sgt. Peppers Lonley Hearts Club Show which was far superior, dont waste money on this show, they nare a pub band,

kevin and ruth

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