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Roxy Music

Roxy Music
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loftyj 9th Feb 2011, 20:14, said:

7th Feb 2011

(5.00 / 5 overall score)

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I waited over 30 years to see Roxy live and now after last summer's open air gig at the Lovebox Festival and Mondays' concert at the O2 I've been privileged to see them twice in six months! I thought they were terrific last summer but Monday night's show was even better. I've read a few poor reviews since Monday night on various sites and the bulk of the criticism seems to centre on the quality of the sound at the O2 arena and the choice of songs played. The sound quality was absolutely superb where I was sitting - fairly high up and quite close to the stage - so maybe those people who were moaning had seats at the other end of the arena where perhaps the sound was a bit distorted-I don't know- but most people I've spoken to who've been to the O2 have had nothing but good things to say about the sound quality.

As for the set list, well here I do have a problem with those Roxy 'fans' who complained that there were too many so-called obscure album tracks and not enough recognisable 'hits'. Roxy never were a singles band, thank God! Yes, they released singles but that wasn't how they earned their deserved reputation of being the most unique rock band that ever walked the face of the earth. It was the sheer diversity, originality and glorious theatricality of their albums, especially the first four, that captured so many hearts and minds in the 70s. If people really expected to be confronted with a play list of largely late 70s & early 80s top 10 hits, interspersed with the odd homage to the early years, then I think these fans came with the wrong mind set. I for one was thrilled to hear them play tracks like 2HB, Amazona, Bitter-Sweet and Prairie Rose which I suspect they hadn't played live that much since the 70s when they were promoting each new album.

Sure I would have loved them to have played a couple more old personal faves like Song for Europe, Remake/Remodel & Ladytron but the joy of hearing them perform great album tracks that rarely get an airing live more than made up for that twinge of disappointment. Let’s face it, if all the fans there on Monday night had left having heard pretty much every song they wanted, the guys would have had to have played a 3 or 4 hour set!! Even if Roxy never tour again at least I will have the memories of the last six months to sustain me into my seriously old age - plus hopefully there will be a DVD coming out soon of this year's tour. Could it possibly surpass the utterly amazing Live at the Apollo DVD of 2001? I wouldn't put it past them - Bryan and the boys have NEVER let me down in 40 years of unstinting devotion.
Julie 1st Feb 2011, 08:06, said:
The evening started well with a good Ska support act, followed by a trio from America. At 9 Roxy filtered onto the stage, but the stage lights hardly lifted. A dull spot played on Bryan as he sang, but the rest of the band were in gloom. Bryan didn't speak to the audience throughout the gig, except to say who was playing. Knowing only the early days musci and none of the album material, I though it was only me who wasn't enjoying myself. then the constant stream of people getting up and going to the bar and the half hearted clapping mader me realise that I wasn't alone. The quality of the musicianship was excellent of course, especially the sax, but after an hour of very similar music, gloomy lighting and often poor sound, with Bryan disappearing (as the stage as so dark) to play keyboard throughout we were very fidgetty. Bryan finally broke into Avalon and the mood of the crowd lifted. There followed a set of all the oldies - this grabbed us more, but by now many had lost their enthusiasm, still many people left or went to the bar. We were on the banked side seating and only 1 person stood up in our area throughout the whole performance which shows how little we were lifted. Finally a half hearted encore type piece, which turned into a progressive leaving of the stage by each member of the band. Then the lights were up and the subdued crowd could leave! My friend - a keen Roxy fan, summed it up perfectly - it was a self indulgent evening - no attempt was made to involve us the paying public - it was purely for the artists benefit. Worst concert I have been to!
Colin 31st Jan 2011, 20:43, said:
The time had arrived to see and hear my favourite rock legends. The venue was full and the sound was good. The band appeared at 9p.m. took their positions and off they went.Like a tuned engine the band went through each song without any hiccups. The only down turn to the evening was two couples sat in front who were drinking none stop and talking or should say shouting to each other . They must have got the wrong gig expecting Chubby Brown.
After the first hour and playing most tunes from the first 3 albums,things lifted off and the arena came to life, dancing, singing everybody began to have a whale of a time.
Then bang on 10.30p.m. the encore song For your pleasure began it was time to go.
A great gig, well worth every penny. Viva Roxy Music
Mark 29th Jan 2011, 20:00, said:
As a long-standing Roxy fan who had never managed to see them live & never thought he would, this gig was always going to be special for obvious reasons. I was particularly impressed by the inclusion of some very strong, almost forgotten album tracks from both Stranded & Country Life on the set list, and the core of Ferry, Manzanera, MacKay and Thompson were as accomplished and tight as you would expect, supplemented by some other very fine musicians. The one blot on the landscape was the ridiculously distorted sound at various junctures: it's bad enough that this should be in evidence early on; that it should not be rectified by those responsible by the time we got to the final encore is verging on the inexcusable.
unobtrusive - like a good referee, they should function effectively but ultimately you should not notice them
Though somewhat spartan, I have always found the Clyde Auditorium to be a good venue accoustically, which makes the sound distortion issue all the more puzzling & galling; that said, even with that problem, it beats the SECC next door hands down - after all, who wants to see their favourite artist play at B&Q?
A ROXY FAN 26th Jan 2011, 16:21, said:
The sound was very poor last night at the Roxy Music gig - very disappointed. Probably not the fault of the band at all - sound was coming thru distorted. Complained in the foyer and apparently a lot of people had done the same. As the band didn't come on until 9pm you would think they could get it right. Sound man looked like he was enjoying himself!

oh plenty of them guys!
Well it's a big metal box really!

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