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My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance
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Jon Steed 16th Feb 2011, 10:51, said:
As an older fan I went along to this gig with my 15 year old son, his mate, my daughter and wife and had standing tickets. I was blown away by MCR and thought them far better live than recorded. I saw Muse and Greenday at Wembley last year and although they had huge sets and loads of theatricals MCR were better.
Nariece Sanderson 13th Feb 2011, 10:49, said:
My Chemical Romance – Wembley Arena, London - 12-2-11

It’s been a while since the My Chemical Romance guys did a UK arena tour – around four years- but tonight they make the most of lost time with a toned down, less theatrical and amazing set.
First off is young British band Lostalone, who show potential with their heavily bassed and distorted guitar sounds – it’s all enough to get the crowd swaying – but the magical spark isn’t quite there yet. Their tunes aren’t quite well known enough- and you can taste the My Chemical Romance influence with every wail from the front man.
The Blackout follow up, storming the stage with their quirky and cheeky crowd-pleasing interaction. Eventually most of the floor is dancing – but the poorness of the microphones loose some of that vocal brilliance. Aside from that, The Blackout did a pretty good job overall.
With the crowd fully pumped, My Chem eventually hit the stage, fully equipped with the first to tracks off the album – ‘Look Alive Sunshine’ and ‘Na Na Na’. It’s all energy – and everyone sings along. Along with new hits, they unleash some old demons, with the likes of ‘Give ‘Em Hell Kid’ and ‘Hang ‘Em High’ – the set list satisfies everyone. Gerard flounces around stage sporting his red hair escapade whilst the rest of the band continues to play with equal enthusiasm. There are low points of the set too, the slower songs off of the new album ‘Danger Days’ is a little too chilled out for the crowd to be played at Wembley. People start to sit down, but of course, some anthems are played off of ‘Three Cheers…’ and all is well again, and the crowd goes mental. After an hour and half, the guys leave the stage, and then Gerard and the keyboardist return to perform ‘Cancer’. I secretly hope this isn’t the ending song, and that the band will have a classic – possibly off the first album – to play as the finale. And much to my delight, ‘Vampires Will Never Hurt You’ starts – a song that only true fans know all the lyrics too, whilst more fragile Killjoys stick their fingers in their ears.
After chatting outside in the cold to the sound technician that’s toured with the band for seven years, he explains the pros and cons on life on the road. Much to everyone’s relief, it turns out the band are just as close as their committed fan base. “There’s only one way to describe it,” the guy muses- drawing on his cigarette, “We are, dare I say it, a family.” I look at the fans around me and it’s obvious - we really are.
Leah 20th Nov 2007, 19:45, said:

9-10th Nov 2007

(4.00 / 5 overall score)

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I would have to say at all the gigs I have ever been to, this has got to be the best! The supporting act Mindless Self Indulgence put on such a show, and for a supporting act, they got a amazing response from the crowd! When My Chemical Romance came on the night just got more amazing, the crowd were mixed, from rock fans all over, young ones, couples, and adults! There was a bit of a mosh pit for those more adventures fans, but there was also a good view for those who wanted to sit! And for having two band members pull out(for very good reasons), the remaining band members Gerard, Ray and Mikey kept the crowd entertained the whole night, with Gerard making each and every fan feel special! They played stuff from all albums, witch for me made it extra special! A few I Brought You My Bullets You Brought Me Your Love songs, about five Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge songs, and the rest The Black Parade stuff! I think the floor must of been over flowing in sweat! As the show was that good, all the men/boys(and some girls/woman) had their tops off! And I tell you what I payed 23 quid for that gig, I would of payed over 80 quid for that gig!

About 20 minutes after the gig, Mindless Self Indulgence came out to meet the fans (they are amazing guys!) and a few hours later My Chemical Romance came out + Bob (who were happy to wait till every single fan had a picture and an autograph and have a wee chat with them)

Thanks for reading, I hope some of you go and see a My Chemical Romance gig, cause believe its WELL worth the money!! And I got some amazing pictures of mcr right up close (getting to front center after arriving LATE)
They weren't so good on checking us cause we arrived late, but they did help alot of people in the crowd if the were getting into difficulty's!
The venue was about 10x smaller than everywhere else but that probably made it better!
RUBY RUBY RUBY RUBY 27th Apr 2007, 23:43, said:

RDS (Royal Dublin Society)
1st Apr 2007

(5.00 / 5 overall score)

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FUKING BRILLIANT....dey palyed at least 20 songs! nd wer all perfecto...great night 1na my bes....
my sis m was inda security! :D lol
Justin Strohm 2nd Mar 2007, 00:32, said:

25th Feb 2007

(5.00 / 5 overall score)

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Well Me and my friends arrived around 5:00. We had to stand outside in the snow. I am glad we got there when we did because the line got longer. At around 6:00 we started going in. The security had to search everyone. They also took your cameras and did not give them back. We got to go to the section on the floor. I was close to them. We stood there for a while. Then around 7:30 the show kicked off with "Rise Against". They were actually a good band. I never heard them before. When they were done, me and my friends had to stad longer. I kept getting stiff standing there because there was alot of people around you. Then around 8:45, a hospital bed came out with someone in it. I thought it was a dummy. But it was Gerald in there. He started singing the song "The End". MCR played the whole "Black Parade" album from start to finish. Then after that was a brief intermission. Then came on and played older songs. They changed their clothes. It was like they changed stories. Like going from playing The Black Parade songs, then playing Revenge songs. When the show was over: around 10:30, I bought a awsome t-shirt. Here are my favorite parts of the show. 1. When fire shot out of the stage. 2. When black and white confetti shot out of the stage. 3. My favorite songs live was: "Welcome to the Black Parade", "Cancer", and "I'm Not Okay". There were alot of moshing going on. During the show I looked around and there were pretty many people atending. Like up in the rows/seats sections, It was packed. I think there were more people up in the stands than on the floor. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS CONCERT. It was one of the best concerts i've been to. I hope I will see them again because I would like to go again.
Gerald, Mikey, Frank, Ray, & Bob: YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and GREAT CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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