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Simple Minds

Simple Minds
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Neil Buchanan 1st Dec 2013, 19:15, said:
I went to this gig on the recommendation of an avid Simple Minds fan - and perhaps that's the problem. I've been to so many gigs over the years and have become a bit intolerant of half-hearted efforts and that was certainly the case in this instance. Take for example the performance of Jim Kerr - far too many breaks both during his own performance and as the band were playing instrumentals. It's an absolute cop-out to keep putting your microphone into the audience, when it's blatantly obvious you're knackered and struggling to maintain your own energy levels.

It's really easy to cover-up an average performance when the arena is full of doting SM fans, however that doesn't hide the objective truth that the entire experience was really a struggle.

The sound quality was also dreadful and at times JK was barely audible - and I'm sure he forgot his words, so the microphone goes back into the audience. A lazy performance was personified by an extended audience participation of 'La La La La La'. And so it went on and on to such an extent that even JM admitted the audience should be paid! Says it all.

On a positive note - Sarah Brown (I think, couldn't work out her name fully due to poor sound quality) was sexy and professional with a tremendous 'Great Gig in the Sky' voice. However, she covered up for JK's inability to reach the difficult high notes. The band are still very tight and the base playing was superb, decent light show (seen better - even Keane!) and the enthusiastic audience participation covered up many flaws.

Maybe I'm a bit gigged out - this has put me off for at a couple of years which is a shame. In their time Simple Minds set the standard but put 'simply', their time has gone. Sorry.

One final point - was the lack of Belfast Child, their finest moment, a political statement or maybe an indication that the set was repetitive and melodically similar throughout for a very good reason? Only Simple Minds know.
MaverickTopGun 21st Apr 2013, 08:19, said:
Simple Minds were awesome. They have lost nothing in sheer performance,. The crowd was with them all the way, Jim Kerr interacted with us well and the band matched note and tempo perfect with the early 80s and later tunes so that if you closed your eyes you were back in the 80s.
The crowd stood up for a lot and even sang back Someone, Somewhere in Summertime, surprising Jim and the band with their feeling and passion for their music. We got to him and his review of our crowd at Blackpool Opera House in the Winter Gardens said this:Last night’s show in Blackpool was about as near perfect for me as any. I loved the venue, and the relaxed attitude of the security, I also relished having the audience – who were brilliantly enthusiastic – almost right up on stage next to us. Plymouth was another that I could categorise similarly, but it must be said that I have really enjoyed every single show on this tour so far, the rest of the band feel the same incidentally. It has been really wonderful!-Jim Kerr

This says it all.

Jim and the Band. We will come as long as you are playing.

We loved every minute especially Alive and Kicking, Someone, Somewhere in Summertime, I Travel, All the Things She Said, Don't You Forget About Me, Glittering Prize and The American-which woke us up. The solo guitar piece was magnificent and the lighting effect from our side was like watching Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind-simply stunning and powerful beats and the effect and lighting was moving.

The lady backing singer was worth a concert on her own after her solo number also. Simple Minds and Jim Kerr;
We will not forget about you!
Paul Davies F.R.T.C.A.
Pigpen 17th Feb 2010, 21:53, said:

Daylights robbery. This bunch of geriatric wasters should have a brit award!!! For the outstanding contribution to excrement! or should that be a **it award.


Mr Cowell 21st Jan 2010, 19:30, said:
Absolute Merde
Angry Fan 17th Dec 2009, 14:55, said:

I don't normally bother with reviews etc, but this rock concert annoyed and appalled me so much, I just had to do something.

One reviewer is totally spot on Trading Standards should investigate.

Recently was entertained by Green Day and Pink at the same venue and they both blew away the crowd, with their fantastic performances. Simple Minds should have done their homework and attended to see how it's done.

One disgruntled fan.
Lard lad 17th Dec 2009, 14:41, said:
Don't know what gig the second reviewer was at, but It certainly was not this one. If Kerr was in seventh heaven with this performance then he is one thick skinned and ignorant bloke.

The gig was terrible, no otherway to decribe it. The other reviewers are all spot on in their own way and sum up exactly what I thought of this farce.

I travelled for hours to see this event and spent well into triple figures. Very disappointed.

I also call on Mr Kerr to do the decent thing and refund the fans.!!!
Craig Findlay 15th Dec 2009, 21:43, said:
Well well supergroup indeed.
I WAS a fan of Simple Minds until I had this experience.
With the M8 being much of a car park in the early hours of the evening, not getting home from work until 6pm and the fact that I had already seen OMD in the eighties I made the decision to hold off and only go through from Edinburgh in time to see what was supposed to be .....the main attraction.

Having the experience of performing worldwide over so many years and to much bigger audiences than the SECC I was expecting a flawless performance of the songs that made them such large international stars. How wrong I was!

We arrived just in time to catch the last few numbers by OMD and they sounded great and gave no indication of the farce that was about to follow.

The experiences at Number 3 were a very acurate description of my thoughts and feelings that night. Quite frankly this was the WORST concert I have ever been to. The show was totally destroyed by the horrendous sound quality that ruined what should have been a night of triumph and enjoyment for all as the Minds performed to their home fans. The sound was overdriven, far too loud and the tech guys gave us perhaps the worst sound they could, as none of the individual instruments or vocals could be distinguished from each other.

When the PA system on my side of the hall failed completely I can't say I was really that surprised. Relieved maybe! I also hoped that they would be able to create a better sound for the return to the stage of Kerr and Co but no - two songs in and it was worse than ever.
For his part Kerr gave no apology .....thanks for your patience.... Jim does not make me feel any better about the three figure sum I paid out to see your cr~p show.

Last poster (if you are the real Jim Kerr) I call on you to make available to any fans that were there on Friday a full refund on their ticket price.

In any other business when the goods provided are not up to scratch that is what you expect the honourable seller to do, making a full apology along the way.

Needless to say I didn't have SM on in the car on the way home!!!!!
Jim Kerr 14th Dec 2009, 09:58, said:
Sorry to all you punters out there who parted with your well earned cash, during this hard financial time, to see my supergroup!!!!!

We were garbage.

At least Robin Hood wore a mask.
Stopped us getting lynched,
Great, but if im honest, I dont think we will be asked back.
Disappointed Fan 12th Dec 2009, 19:33, said:
OMD were excellent 5 stars. Simple Minds(1 star) were a big disappointment, no where near the great band they once were. Too loud, poor sound quality and Jim Kerr was well below par. Was he actually singing? Off stage for at least 25 minutes due to an unexplained technical issue. Not value for money. or just shouting the odd lyric in between waving and asking is everyone OK.
GT 12th Dec 2009, 15:46, said:
I have been a Simple Minds fan for many years and have seen them live about a dozen times in the past. They were great concerts, and so I went to the SECC last night expecting more of the same. Unfortunately I left at the end disappoined.
The main problem, I think, was the appalling sound quality. It was distorted, over loud, had feedback on occasions, and was so badly mixed that you could hardly hear a single word that Jim Kerr was singing above the band.
After the technical issue that stopped the concert for 10 minutes, they came back on and did "Someone, Somewhere in Summertime". At this point the sound level had been reduced slightly, and you could actually hear the individual instruments and the words that Jim was singing, which was great, but two songs later, it was back to distortion and vocals that could not be heard.
OMD, on the other hand were the suprise of the night for me.Their performance blew Simple Minds away. The sound was crystal clear and well mixed. I don't think that I have ever been at a concert were the performance sounded so close to the artist's CD's. It was great and worth the ticket price on it's own.

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