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Scissor Sisters

Scissor Sisters
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maxximum 17th Oct 2012, 22:38, said:


Bright Light Bright Light is more commonly known as Rod Thomas who had been invited to support the Scissor Sisters on their current UK tour. In a way it was a perfect match as both share a love of UK pop music along with piano driven house music from the early 90’s.

With Rod flanked either side by two female singers they won over the majority of the audience with a memorable blend of melodic pop that had a glance back to 80’s UK pop bringing to mind Erasure and The Human League. If Smash Hits was still being published he would probably be on the front cover. New single, Feel It sounded like it should be on the Radio 1 playlist whilst tracks off his debut album Make me Believe In Hope, released in the summer sounded like the perfect pop soundtrack. Closing his set with Disco Moment his moment may yet be to come but for now his star in definitely on the rise.

Six years ago the Scissor Sisters were playing arenas in the UK. On this UK tour they are playing smaller venues that allow their audience to see them in more intimate surroundings. Police sirens greet the bands arrival on stage. The spark and chemistry between singers Jake Shears and Ana Matronic is still as powerful as ever – in reality they are a great double act. What has changed though is their fan base which in the early days was more elitist and trendier; nowadays it is more middle of the road.

Ana Matronic informs certain members of the audience to stop taking photos on their mobile phones “and to stop trying to preserve the moment and to try and live it a little more”. It works.

Reminiscing about the first time the band played in Leeds at the tiny Cockpit club to playing the Leeds Festival you realise how big the band have become. With quite a lot of tracks played off their new album, Magic Hour there were also the big hits that most had come to hear. Fire with Fire and their version of Comfortably Numb will still be played on the radio in 10 years time. The single Lets Have a Kiki was one of the standout tracks of the set and was performed with exuberance, wit and tight choreography - the track could be a surprise hit.

By the time the encores came around of I Don’t Feel Like Dancing and Only The Horses the 90 minutes the band had been on stage had passed too quickly.
Anonymous 30th Nov 2006, 23:49, said:

Westpoint Arena
15th Nov 2006

(5.00 / 5 overall score)

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I think the previous reviewer must have missed something somewhere, and I'm a little confused as to what they were doing at the concert if they weren't (to use their term) a "follower". Men in glittery hats and tiaras? At a Scissor Sisters concert? NO! And how dare the crowd boo a tale of gay bashing. The cheek of it all. I can't help but feel that the previous reviewer meant to go to a Jethro event.

I thought the concert was fabulous, and I'm a straight, married female civil servant who didn't have a great view of the stage. The band gave an energetic, high quality show and everyone seemed to have a good time (clearly, there were those lurking among us who wondered what they'd stumbled into, but I didn't see any of them). I danced and screamed and flailed my arms more than at any other time in recent memory. There was a slight moment of tension when it looked as though the band were going to shatter all our opinions of them as a group and individuals and ignore our screams for an encore, but they reappeared and gave us two more cracking tracks even though they were clearly exhausted. The only bad part was getting out of the carpark afterwards and hearing someone in a Land Rover scream at a Mini driver "I'm in a f***ing 4x4, I'll do whatever the f*** I want".

All in all, I can't remember when I've had a better time. The Scissor Sisters are rockin' musicians who seem like decent people to boot, and I would not hesitate to do whatever it takes to go see them live again. As for their fan base, I think the world needs a few more funky people in spangly cowboy hats. Perhaps someone should send the first reviewer one of those hats.
Anonymous 17th Nov 2006, 11:58, said:
Wow what a night haven't had so much fun in ages

a very eclectic mix of gig goers from children to oaps a good crowd who were friendly and up for a good time

from the moment they burst onto stage through the "lift doors" i don' t think i stopped singing or dancing (in my seat but i will come to that bit later on) whatever the scissor sisters are on i want it

the energy coming from Jake and Ana was electric and i have to say i was pleasantly suprised thinking they would never hit the high notes live but they did and Ana's voice is amazing

highlights for me were comfortably numb, don't feel like dancing and filthy gorgeous but it was a brilliant gig and am still buzzing the next day and singing and shaking my feather boa! yes i was that mad woman in the spangly top and pink boa in the balcony!

plus points - plenty of loos, places to buy a drink at not too extortionate prices and staff were friendly and helpful and not too long to get out the car park

minus points- security! no bag checks or checks of any kind know they are a pain in the bum to turf out your handbag but was suprised no checks at all there were some road diversions that weren't well sign posted and we ended up going round in a big circle!

NOT BEING ABLE TO GET UP AND DANCE IN THE BALCONY - the stewards had a devils own time trying to get people to sit down
when all we wanted to do was dance in our seat space most of us complied however after spending most of the gig getting people to sit down for the encore hey decided we could all get up and dance (which we did with gay abandon and to be honest don't think they had a cat in hells chance of getting us to sit down on these two tracks!)

Think it worked because the venue was quite intimate not too sure how it would go in a bigger venue would be interested to hear

ONE WORD OF ADVICE - if you are taking children and there were quite a few be aware there is lots of swearing and a fair bit of sexual inuendo

P.S hope Jake is okay after taking a tumble over the speakers but he got up and carried on like a pro even though it must of hurt !

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