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Steve Coogan

Steve Coogan
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Laura 15th Dec 2008, 10:59, said:

Made me and my partner laughed very hard and loud throughout! Loved him as Pauline Calf. Saxondale was OK, loved the bit where he said, 'thats just my brother, he's a twat.' There was however a fire scare and evacuation in the middle of Saxondale's set, so we may have (perhaps to Coogan's advantage) missed some material. The Thicket guy was, in my opinion absolutely hilarious, and the ventriloquist part cracked me up, when the doll started on him - classic. Alan himself was, despite reviews NOT a let down. His musical rendition of pressure was quality, and to be fair, I'd have probably gone for that alone (as the sad Partridge fan I am). I found I was hanging on to his every word. The glove element was hilarious. If you were a die hard Alan Partridge fan, there's no way you would complain about his piece. From beginning to end, even the Medieval part, i thoroughly enjoyed it.
If this is released on DVD, I'll be more than happy to buy it, to remind me of just how much I loved the night.

I think Alan's getting such bad press from people that aren't actual fans. I struggled to get tickets for this event, and through the reviews, it's blatant that genuine fans did not fill the venues he played in. They should have left the tickets to people that love Alan Partridge!!!

All in all, not disappointed at all.

And got to see the Cribs outside when we got evacuated, very exciting!

justin 14th Dec 2008, 21:39, said:
ive never been to a show before , let alone to see a comedian so as this is my first time i may be a little overawed... i thought the first half of the show with pauline and the puppet thing especially was absolutley hilarious , totally politically incorrect but all the better for it ! im not really a fan of his work apart from partridge so to see his other charecters and try to pick up on them was slightly hard , but the work that hes put in to making them real / steryotype shows and the audience seemed to pick up on it.

have to agree the between sketch stuff is a bit wierd but the actors are good and it still gets a laugh...

i was actually most dissapointed with the second half of the show, when he was doing partridge - there were some funny bits ( the glove thing was good ) but the thomas moor sketch didnt really work for me and i dont think the audience really warmed to the theme - it wasnt really partridge , more like him just doing something he wanted to do . his last song and dance routine ( of which there are many ) was a good self depreciating skit but i was suprised that he didnt come out after the applause and talk to the audience - not even a goodnight !

all in all a good night for me and i was crying with laughter for the first hour at least - just think hes been a bit affected by all the hollywood stuff and needs to go back to basics , dropping the song and dance stuff would be a good place to start...

sorry if my spellings rubbish and hope this helps !
didnt notice them at all which i guess is a good thing
no problems at all , the bar was efficient and a lovely venue
Liz 12th Dec 2008, 14:10, said:
Saw Steve at City Hall in Sheffield last night and was really disappointing - most of the audience weren't laughing either = not recommended.
Dan Dan Dan 10th Dec 2008, 19:04, said:
Not a happy bunny, first time at a comedy without laughing I'm sorry to say after booking the tickets from day one it was a waste of time. I was really looking forward to this show but it was hard work to watch, £90 DOWN THE DRAIN
Jazz 10th Dec 2008, 16:46, said:
I'm assuming Jay is a friend of Mr Coogans. I was a huge fan of Alan Partidge et al however this was painful to watch. I can't remember ever going to a comedy show and not laughing at all. Excluding the one guy who was very drunk nobody sitting around me enjoyed the night. The material was old and I felt Coogan knew it wasn't working.

Its sad to see as I loved Alan Partridge but that was very poor. And yes I paid for my tickets so not only will I never get those 3 hours back I'm £90 out of pocket. Awful, really awful.
Venue was fine but they tried to con me into paying £20 for parking. I didn't listen to the staff and paid £6 in the station car park.
Mike Johnston 10th Dec 2008, 15:25, said:
I thought this was a great night out and a top gig from Coogan - it fails to get five stars because the interim acts were quite weak and some of Coogan's own material was recycled. Pauline Calf''s entrance and subsequent monologue were really good, particularly because I've always found her one of the weaker Coogan characters. This was followed by Tommy Saxondale, who's look was pretty makeshift and unconvincing. The material was quite strong though, with Saxondale delivering an anti-drugs seminar, but all in all the transition from screen to stage for this character wasn't the best.

A major issue with Steve Coogan is that unless you are a hugely devoted fan, you're never going to find all of the acts funny, and that suggests why so many of the reviews here are so negative. This was the case for me when he wheeled out bumbling, hyper-geek Duncan Thicket, a character who I've never found funny and is too close to variety style comedy that Coogan doesn't excel at. Thicket's long winded attempt at ventriloquism was lacking in funny material, and felt to me like filler; having said that, plenty of other people were in stitches so this just goes to confirm that not all of his characters are to everyone's tastes.

A magnificently-mulleted Paul Calf followed with some great gags, before an interval, and a massive entrance for Alan Partridge. Easily his strongest character, it's clear that these are the shoes in which Coogan feels most comfortable; his mannerisms, behaviour and material were all absolutely spot on, although there was a little bit too much swearing for a character not renowned for bad language on the telly - I'm not offended by it, I just feel it was unnecessary for a character capable of getting laughs with his unusually broad vocabulary as opposed to mere effing and blinding.

The encore saw Coogan play a pastiche of himself in the eyes of the tabloids, in a song that was witty enough but not the best moment of the show by far. As previously mentioned, the supporting cast were excellant in Coogan's segments, but the sketches during interim moments lacked any real comedy punch; a humourous skit involving relationship problems between God and the Devil as a couple was funny in it's own right, but equally the stuttering council worker left everyone looking around, bemused as to where the humour was.
matt 9th Dec 2008, 21:19, said:
This was rubbish . As a partridge fan I was looking forward to the show and it was going to be our highlight of a weekend away - how wrong we were . It just wasnt very funny - in fact it started average and got worse . If your thinking of going , save your money .
Martin Justice 9th Dec 2008, 13:10, said:
Just read Jay's review, I was there with 5 friends at the O2 and it was a complete disaster. Completely unfunny. 15 mins of Partridge was bearable. I laughed out aloud three times over the entire performance. Complete B******S .................If I'd paid £45 of my own money I'd have demanded a refund. His self parody of a slated comic was nothing short of painful and prompted heckling that he dealt with short it was SaaaaaaD.

His 2004 drugathon was worlds apart
Jay 9th Dec 2008, 08:50, said:
My review below should be for the O2, London - sorry about that, didn't notice the box above lol.
Jay 9th Dec 2008, 08:45, said:
My 14 year old son and I went to see the show last night at the O2.

The first half was funny but not side splitting. It certainly had some great moments but nothing to write home about.

The second half however was a different story. Very, very funny and worth every penny. Steve Coogan as Alan Partridge is pure comedy gold.

My son was laughing all the way through both halves, he had a great time. The song at the end was hilarious - and very well done.

Overall all a fantastic night out and some wonderful memories - thank you Steve.
We had seats in Block 103, which was quite a distance from the stage - but we had a clear view and thanks to the screens could see everything.

The staff were friendly and it was really easy to locate our seats. If you have a fear of heights though, don't go for Level 4, even looking at that tier gave me vertago.

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