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I recently purchased 2 tickets for Lee Evans ftom these scum ...STILL WAITING
Written by Jablade | 20th Mar 2014
DO NOT SEND THEM ANY MONEY .... what people say here are true!!! ...they don't answer email and now there is no trace of their website!!! .. TOTAL SCUM!! ... will be contacting trading standards to see if they are still trading and if so get them closed down!!!!!
gold circle ticket scam
Written by roboho235t | 18th Aug 2012
hi just to let everybody know, bought tickets in march for reading festival cost over 500 quid, told they would be with us on wednesday now saturday no sign yet. losing convidence rapidly after reading other blogs about goldcircle tickets. because tickets were bought in march not covered on pay pal. only received one email so far from seller, have sent about five. i think ebay need to look into some of the practises the seller is using. the ebay shop has got 100% feedback based on 1400 sales. the address ebay provided me with does not tie up with the other three addresses this person is using and the phone number just goes through to an automated answer machine. will keep you updated, if tickets do not arrive or money is not returned will have no hesitation in contacting police on basis of fraudulant behaviour.
Written by Smarie | 29th Feb 2012
I also supposedly purchased 2x Maverick sabre tickets for a birthday present in November 2011. The concert is in 10 days time and have had to accept that i have also been the victim of fraud from this 'company'. I however was redirected to their e-bay page when i chose to go through with the purchase and they sent me a confirmaton e-mail in December and explained how they would receive the tickets apx. 4 weeks before the event and they then would be sent to me via next day delivery.
However when i checked my e-bay account earlier this month to check the status of the tickets, it was soon apparent that they'd deleted their account goldcircletickets3, meaning the item number was no longer valid so i have no possible way of contacting e-bay for help and as i didn't need to check on the tickets earlier than 4 weeks before, i'm no longer "allowed" or physically able to report this because of some stupid 40 odd day time frame u have in which to report a fraud.
Also the telephone number 07003497047 that they provide as "customer services" ALWAYS goes to answer phone, with no reply. Their website is "under construction" and I've been robbed of £71... I'm currently in talks with fraud specialists to investigate this, get some answers at LEAST and preferably my money back and I do not intend to let this drop as i think it's disgusting how easy it is to rob honest people of their money yet somehow make it look 'legit' ?! Stay clear of this absolute joke of a company & save yourself the stress & money.
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(0) SCAM ???????
Written by Emma Saville | 15th Feb 2012
I have supposively bought two tickets for Michael Mcyntrye in sept at Nottingham Arena with this so called ticket site !! I have been leaving e mails and messages on their answer machines and have had no response !!! Please please please if anybody has actually had any response from them please could they let me know !
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Reply from Gold Circle Tickets.
Written by goldcircletickets | 4th Oct 2011

I am writing in response to the details given for the site Gold Circle Tickets.

As the owner of this site it seems there are some inconsistency in the details.

1. There are no details of us being members of S.T.A.R on our site. S.T.A.R are the regulators for Primary sellers of which we are not claiming to be. We are a secondary site selling tickets at above face value.

2 .Our office is based in Richard House Drive london NOT Argyll St as stated in the forum which is as you rightly say the base of Stargreen a Primary seller who we deal with often.

3 .We have been trading on-line via E-Bay since 2000 as stated on our website . For further clarifiaction please see our site on E-Bay The website was indeed set up in 2010 as you state due to the increased number of tickets we now hold which cannot all be listed on E-Bay.

4.As a business selling legitimate tickets (we do not claim to have multiple amounts of tickets and sell these) we always supply on time and provide value for money compared to most secondary sites.

5.We have never failed to deliver tickets and offer excellent customer service as our E-Bay record states.All payments made through our site are through Paypal so the customers can even claim a refund if they wish.

I hope this goes some way to proving we a legitimate Secondary Seller in the marketplace.


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Rihanna at Belfast O2
Written by countingvrow | 3rd Oct 2011
Just wanted to say brought tickets for Rihanna from this company and did not have any problems.
Spoke to a nice lady in customer services and she helped me with the times of the show.
Tickets came well packaged and were not that expensive compared to other sites.
On top of that Rihanna was AWSOME !
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Dull yet neccessary disclaimer: cannot be held liable for any loss caused as a result of the publication of information here or of your acts or omissions based on the information published here. This is an open forum and as such we welcome contributions from any companies, artists or people listed to correct any inaccuracies. Unfortunately, due to the way that information is distributed, Safeconcerts cannot make any warranty or representation as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained on this site. Read our full terms and conditions of use.
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