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Selloutworld scum
Written by Shaz75 | 14th Jul 2014
I purchased two tickets from these low life's never receieved anything,it amazes me how there are still allowed to advertise and take people's money because the amount of people that have been conned by these is unreal ,on the up side I got my money back from the bank ,so all I can say is avoid at all cost.
Money is coming back - thanks NatWest
Written by TRACE060570 | 24th Jun 2014
Hi all, still wish I could have taken my daughter to see her idols 1D on the 7 June 2014 but Nat West have just informed me that my chargeback request has been successful and at least I will be receiving all my money back - keep going everyone with your banks to recover the money - good luck.
Bank is wrong
Written by Nanna | 22nd Jun 2014
Your bank is wrong Shaun...when I realised I was being conned I phoned my bank and I was told I had to wait till the day after the ID Concert before I could lodge my dispute..If I was you I would be straight back to the bank.
Don't let the bank fob you off!
Written by arkleyali | 18th Jun 2014
The bank has to pay you out if you report the scam within 120 days of you knowing about it. So, you couldn't possibly know it was a scam until the concert had been and gone and you were left without tickets. You don't have to report it within 120 of paying for it. How could you possibly know you'd been scammed until after the event? Go back to your bank and explain this to them.
Thieving scum
Written by ShaunC | 18th Jun 2014
Just received notice from my bank that I will not receive my money back because I'd gone past the 120 day transaction limit for debit cards. That's £375 of my hard earned money gone to these scum bags. I've reported them to the Trading Standards and as far as I'm concerned they can drop dead.
Conned out of money and no tickets
Written by Nanna | 4th Jun 2014
I too was stupid enough to buy from these low life scum..Paid £180.00 for 2 One Direction Tickets for concert in Scotland yesterday for my grandaughters 13th birthday...Received email from them after numerous mails to them that tickets would be despatched on Tues 27th May...hah...still waiting..
I hope they are proud of themselves in the fact that the amount of young kids who were so disappointed and heartbroken....know what I would like to break if one of them was standing in front of me..
I hope whoever owns this site rots in hell....apart from stealing our money how can anyone let young kids down like this...low life scum doesnt even begin to describe them.
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Sell Out World
Written by TheAbbot | 3rd Jun 2014
I can't believe this 'Company' is still going! I too got scammed for Robbie Williams Wembley tickets last year. Unlike many others, I got to see the concert albeit with months worry and runaround on the day but the tickets I eventually got from their Scum Spiv 'Michael' were cheaper ones at the back not the ones I ordered!
I have written numerous comments on here since trying to warn others TO AVOID SELL OUT WORLD and save their hard earned money but I am sorry to see people are still getting ripped off.
I say again-take time out and read ALL the previous feedback in this thread before using Sell Out World. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MONEY TO THESE THIEVING B'STARDS.
1 of 1 people found this helpful
Written by Clarelou30 | 3rd Jun 2014
I have now reported this to action fraud and my bank. The total cost of my tickets which was emailed to me from scum was 326 but the amount that was debited was 324 from a gttfvilamoura?? Not a mention of selloutworld
What the hell is that about? Has anyone found the same has happened to them?
The bank have raised a dispute but whether I get my money back. Time will only tell
2 of 2 people found this helpful
Written by arkleyali | 2nd Jun 2014
There is no way any of you could know for sure that you had been conned out of your money until the concert had been and gone and you hadn't received your tickets. So as long as you contact the bank within 120 days of the crime being committed (and it was only committed once curtain was up and you had no ticket) they have to pay you out. Stand your ground - you're in the right!
2 of 2 people found this helpful
Written by Peach-t | 2nd Jun 2014
I too was scammed for 1D tickets for Manchester and like the others received a confirmation email claiming tickets would be dispatched 27th May. However, after reading these reviews on this page (thank you Be Ticket Safe) I ordered back up tickets from Ticketmaster around 5 weeks ago, so thank god my little girl got to see her boys! While I was there on 30th I noticed the block where we were meant to be sitting the following night was almost empty. I presume this area had tickets allocated by the scumbags Selloutworld!!! This event was a sell out yet there were men outside the event selling wads of tickets for ridiculous amounts. I wondered how they could risk buying so many with the possibility of not selling them... It's obvious now that there is no risk if they had already sold them to poor buggers like the those commenting on this page....... And myself!

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Dull yet neccessary disclaimer: cannot be held liable for any loss caused as a result of the publication of information here or of your acts or omissions based on the information published here. This is an open forum and as such we welcome contributions from any companies, artists or people listed to correct any inaccuracies. Unfortunately, due to the way that information is distributed, Safeconcerts cannot make any warranty or representation as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained on this site. Read our full terms and conditions of use.
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