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Written by fos | 16th Apr 2013
I'm sure there will be a few more upset and worried cleints wanting to review three chings after Aintree. Yes the phone is busy yes the contact details lead to a solicitors building in soutport and yes the address given in this review says London and not southport the question is why? you have to ask yourself why is the markup on tickets so high? why are the contact details given are at two locations, why is teh phone busy one line probably that gets diverted to a mobile on occassions, sometime it works sometime it doesnt

Basically I think the internet website was a hobby turned in to a full time job but with little service and support struture. The mark up doesnt justify the worry and concern when things go wrong or are delaid

readers need to be fully aware what they are entering and the risks they are taking when dealing with small secondary ticket outlets and this site helps clients make an informed decission.. I'm not saying dont use them I'm saying understand the service and costsmight not be what they want to promise and maybe they are just relying on desparation of cleints to get tickets ?
Got there in the end with three chings
Written by kirstyl | 20th Apr 2012
I recently bought tickets from three chings for the Aintree Grand National. Thought I would share my experience.

Tickets for the national had officially sold out last August and I was looking early march. The lady on the phone was very helpful and amazingly had 9 tickets in the stand I wanted available. Their prices were the cheapest I could find online - £140 for seats with a face value of £115, so still a hefty mark up. I told her I had read some bad reviews of the company and she tried to reassure me the tickets were genuine by letting me know the reference numbers and seat numbers so I could check with Aintree.

The problems started when I tried to pay. I used my credit card and wanted the tickets sent to an address different to my billing address. She told me this would be fine but when the tickets hadn't arrived 3 days later (was meant to be special delivery) I called back and they told me because the addresses differed "their system" had flagged up a security problem and they couldn't release the tickets, despite the fact the money had left my account. They suggested the only way around this was that I change my billing address to the same as the delivery adress, they refund me and we start all over again. It took a whole week of faffing about until evenually I agreed to pay with my debit card and wait for the refund on my credit card.

Finally the tickets arrived.......... only they'd sent tickets for racing on the frinday instead of the saturday. I called back fuming and they apologised although made some remark about the only reason the wrong tickets were sent was because I was rushing them to send them out! It took another 5 days as they refused to send out the right tickets until they had the others sent back to them. They offered to upgrade me from row c to row a as a gesture of goodwill, and finally the tickets arrived - for row b??

The worst thing about three chings was that in the 2 weeks it took to get this sorted, the majority of the time their number either rang out, went to answer machine or simply wouldn't connect. They were very disorganised, although the lady in sales was very good, puting me in touch with the company boss when things went wrong.

I'm just back from the national and had an amazing day with brilliant seats - the tickets were genuine. I'm not saying this company is great, or that it should be avoided, just a bit of info so people can make their own minds up. Despite all the stress I probably would use them again.
Take That Ticket update
Written by marieee | 19th May 2011
Thought Id update my previous arrived yesterday thank you so much!!!!!!!! Cant fault the service thank you thank you thank you again!!!!!!!!
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Written by thetoutslayer | 22nd Jan 2011
i bought sum usher tickets off this company and ive already received my block 17 tickets
after a bit of worry on my girlfreinds part my tickets finally arrived more than 3 weeks before the gig
would definetly use this company again to purchase tickets for sold out events hope this help people
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Paul McCartney/Peter Kay
Written by mattyb | 5th Jan 2011
i agree with your comments marieee, i bought tickets for Paul McCartney, got worried so rang and spoke to an irish lass. she assured me my order was ok and even rang back with tracking number on day tickets were dispatched as promised. Arrived in time for (a great) gig. So impressed with the service i received i even bought tickets for Peter Kay this April. Dont understand why others are saying they cant get through, i never had any problems!
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calling 3 chings
Written by marieee | 3rd Jan 2011
after reading the reviews below I was very unsure about this company....I boought 2 tickets for Take That in glasgow, yes I paid over the odds, yes I was charged on credit card but I didnt care. I called the company on the number supplied in my email and spoke to a gentleman who put my mind at ease. Perhaps others should try that??
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take that ticket scammers
Written by lynneb | 5th Dec 2010
I also bought tickets from threechings. I cannot contact them and my account is £390 down because of this very dodgy company. I don't know how the other person managed to call them for the Rod Stewart tickets as I cannot get through as their number just rings out. I have also contacted the ticket association they quote who have done absolutley nothing to help. Really upset as this was a graduation present for my daughter.
Take that ticket shock
Written by GillA | 4th Dec 2010
The same thing happened to me as Seasider. I tried to buy Take That tickets but the website crashed once I had entered all my details. Three Chings have charged me £350 and I can't get a hold of anyone at the company - the phone is ringing out. Would be interested to hear if Seasider got their money back??
Unauthorised taking of funds.
Written by Seasider | 12th Nov 2010
I attempted to use this company to buy Take That tickets recently only to abort the transaction at the secure code page. Somehow they still managed to take my money altho I have had no confirmation of any order nor order number etc.
When I approached the company and politely asked them to refund the money they had 'accidentally' taken I was told under no circumstances would I get a refund. Currently I'm £230 out of pocket for some tickets I dont even have an order number for.
If this is the standard way Three Chings operate I certainly wont be using them in the future.
Got my tickets 2 weeks before the concert - defo use again - A+
Written by willfromthepool | 9th Jul 2010
Bought my block A tickets for Rod Stewart at Liverpool Echo Arena in March online with as all the official outlets had sold out or only had rear upper tier seats remaining..... Got my email confirmation, stating I would get my tickets no later than 5 days before the event...... Rang them because I was a bit worried, the call was answered quickly and they explained that I had no reason to worry, adding this is caused by the late release of tickets by promotors.... I had no reason to worry, got my tickets 2 weeks before..... Thank you Will defo use again.
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Dull yet neccessary disclaimer: cannot be held liable for any loss caused as a result of the publication of information here or of your acts or omissions based on the information published here. This is an open forum and as such we welcome contributions from any companies, artists or people listed to correct any inaccuracies. Unfortunately, due to the way that information is distributed, Safeconcerts cannot make any warranty or representation as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained on this site. Read our full terms and conditions of use.
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