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Written by Lostthousands | 26th Mar 2016
I have used three times now to purchase very high value rugby tickets (2015 World Cup and 2016 Six Nations). I can honestly say that this company's service has been very efficient and reliable and I have not been let down on any of these occasions. Because this company is an intermediary it may be that the seller has failed to provide the tickets, but in my case this has not been my experience. Under no circumstances use as I have lost a lot of money through this website!
WARNING: do not use ticketbis. Here's why:
Written by Ricardohos | 1st Mar 2016
WARNING: Don't use Ticketbis under any circumstances. They do not verify any of the tickets being sold and scammers therefore use them with fake tickets. I made the mistake and was stopped from entering the venue on the night. Ticketbis then did everything possible to try and refuse a refund even though I should be protected by the online purchase. The police are now investigating them.

It's only a matter of time before ticketbis is shut down. Just don't become one of these shysters' victims in the meantime.
Love it!!
Written by A.Wilson | 12th May 2015
I LOVE this website. I have used it several times for different events and it is always worked out well.
I really like how EASY AND SECURE it is as well as knowing for sure where you are going to sit during the event.
I would give it a 10/10.
Written by Patrick | 12th May 2015
I had a question about something and I sent them a message. I received a reply within minutes with all the necessary information and the situation was quickly resolved.
My experience with Ticketbis was very good
Written by Lucy89 | 8th May 2015
I found their website very easy to navigate. The simple search function allowed me to find what I needed quickly.
The price was fair, as I had checked where I could buy the concert tickets and these were by far the cheapest I had found online.

The concert was outstanding and they were delivered via Special Royal Mail delivery to my home 4 days before the event date.

Take That has been my favourite pop band since I was a little girl and about a month ago I was trying to find tickets for their concert and I found them on Ticketbis. The website was easy to navigate and I easily found what I was looking for. The information was clear, and there were a variety of tickets available depending on price and location in the arena.

Obviously Ticketbis was a reliable website so I ended up buying three tickets - one for me, my daughter and my husband for the concert on 5th May in Odyssey Arena, Belfast. The tickets were a bit expensive but reasonably priced and I did not expect them to be any cheaper. Also, they were still the cheapest tickets that I found on the internet.

A few days later I was browsing the internet when I found some negative reviews about Ticketbis. I was rather worried so I phoned them to check everything was in order and they were very helpful and friendly.

I was still a bit worried until I received the tickets in the post at home. I had been worrying for nothing, and that is partly why I am writing this review just in case there is anybody else in the same situation, really there is nothing to be concerned about at all! Although Ticketbis could improve some minor aspects, in general the information given and the ease in which you can buy a ticket, as well as the customer service and the delivery of the tickets all works PERFECTLY WELL.
Written by clarkeyknowsbest | 27th Nov 2014
I don't know where to start. Could it be with the blatant agencies hired by Ticketbis writing fake reviews on sites like these? How about by looking at all the people complaining about how they were scammed? Me included! I understand that the tickets were expensive, what with it being a secondary market but they hide behind the excuse of being intermediaries when they are the actual brokers selling tickets they don't actually have. I bought Premier League tickets and I never recieved them despite being told I would receive them at home then at the hotel and then at a selling point before the game. Absolute tish. I never got them and had to watch the game in a pub next to my hotel.

You cannot contact their customer service. Only through chat and they are extremely rude and avoid speaking to you at all costs. Next time, I will check up on dodgy websites like these and read the reviews (the REAL ONES). I just hope they don't make any more money ripping off people.


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I think this thread is outdated since Ticketbis has changed quite a lot
Written by myweirdworld | 31st Oct 2014
I don't wanna sound like a troll but I reckon Ticketbis has changed a lot since it came out. I've been using it for quite a few months to get tickets for different events (michel buble concert in Mexico, Jay Z in september..) and they have always delivered the tickets I ordered with more than a week before the event. In fact, I have never called the customer servive since I didn't need it. Ok, tickets should be cheaper but, hey, this is a web where people sells tickets. In any case, I understand you couldn't do anything else. The process of the purchase is the same as before but they have improved the way they send the tickets.
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TICKETBIS are liars
Written by Novice3111 | 12th Aug 2014
They just lie and lie and don't care less about you . They let you travel to the event with your young children only to let you know then you have no tickets .
They are a disgrace Do Not Touch Do Not Use

TICKETBIS Scammers and con artists without a heart or soul
Written by Novice3111 | 12th Aug 2014
Jason Higgins
2 mins ·
The ticket agency called TICKETBIS are a disgrace DO NOT TRUST THEM

TICKETBIS sold me 2 non existing tickets to the super cup in Cardiff. They new I was travelling 60 miles with my 3 yr old son and at every stage the said the tickets would be available to collect from a hotel fro none of there reps 2 hours before the game. Time and time again I emailed and called to ram home how important it was and that I didn't want to travel to Cardiff unless I have guarenteed Tickets which they confirmed every time I did.
Then just as I enter Cardiff they email saying I haven't got any tickets and they don't have any others as it's a sold out game. I had to hold back my tears as my little boy was so excited to watch Real Madrid. TICKETBIS are liers and utter Scum and Con artists AVOID at all costs!!!,!,!

They will regret this I am going to war on this
good website
Written by Svetakar | 12th Dec 2013
I bought tickets through ticketbis several times, once for a champions league game and the other time for the epl.never had problems, so would like to defend them. expensive tickets - yes, but its a secondary market, its obvious, you pay for what you really want to get. so here it goes!
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Dull yet neccessary disclaimer: cannot be held liable for any loss caused as a result of the publication of information here or of your acts or omissions based on the information published here. This is an open forum and as such we welcome contributions from any companies, artists or people listed to correct any inaccuracies. Unfortunately, due to the way that information is distributed, Safeconcerts cannot make any warranty or representation as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained on this site. Read our full terms and conditions of use.
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