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Got my money back
Written by katieM | 11th Jul 2012
My credit card company has refunded me. The amount taken was also more than the confirmation email and taken in US dollars. Apparently though if the bank challenges the ruling i could be recharged. I have a fraud action reference number.
Written by oooflowerooo | 29th Jun 2012
I bought V-fest tickets from in march spending £710.49

To all individuals who have purchased tickets from, I spent £710 in March for 3 v-festival tickets! I received a confirmation email stating the payment had been accepted straight away! I have only just recently realised that the payment on the confirmation email is not the same as on my bank statement! Also on my bank statement it comes up in US dollars? (Why is in US dollar when it is UK event)! The contact number and email address is invalid! THE WEBSITE no longer exists? Ticket2allevents informed me in confirmation email that tickets would be sent 7-10 days before the event! I’m glad I have seem all these reviews now and tried to look on website (which is not there anymore) as I would of only realised that I had been scammed when the tickets would of not arrived!

I have been in contact with the fraud action team! They are looking into the case! Action fraud has given me a crime reference number to give to my bank! I paid on debit card so I am not 100% guaranteed my money back! Nationwide fraud team have given the company 30 days to given me a refund if they do not supply me with a refund the bank will try given me some of the refund! The bank has traced where the money has been transfer to and they are in contact with them!


I have also found out the address of the TICKETS2ALLEVENTS as it is still active with “company house” (which is an organisation which holds all information on companies throughout the UK) the address for tickets2allevents is:
313 west wing
Sterling house
Langston road
IG10 3TS

The fraud action team are on the case and have informed the police in London! You must ring them and give all information to help stop the people continuing with their crime! Help people get their money back! These people need sending to prison!
Att: BikerD
Written by harrytheo | 26th Jun 2012
If you paid with a debit card, ask your bank for a CHARGE BACK.
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Con Artists!
Written by BikerD | 26th Jun 2012
Can't believe I fell for this - absolutely f***ing fuming - been screwed over by this website - and because I paid on a debit card - cannot get any money back!!! Was supposed to be smashing it up in Manchester, and now i am the only one of my mates stuck here without a ticket - can't even afford another one!
We had all taken the day off - and booked for my train ticket and hotel - how am i supposed to get my money back - What else can we do to get these guys? Any one got any ideas?
They are gonna pay for this!
Written by katieM | 25th Jun 2012
Just called back to say that I have reported the site and spoken to my Credit Card company. They actually charged my credit card more than the price on my email acknowledgement of my order , oh and they billed in US dollars which is interesting for a ticket in this country :(. Because I purchased via credit card I am guaranteed getting my money back. The credit card company are going to raise an appeal for money back via the bank they paid but even if they don't get that I have been told I will have the money back shortly. I think that is a lesson .. I will never buy from anywhere again unless it is on a credit card. I hope whoever is behind this is caught.
Abbotts travel( city road in London) is a rip off!
Written by thandibabe | 22nd Jun 2012
I also have purchased two tickets to Bruce Springsteen for tonight. But no tickets. The guys just changed website and number but still operates. address is PLEASE spread the word that about this website please. I will be going to police today. Since i payed by cheque do you think i will be able to claim money back? thanks
Just been ripped off
Written by katieM | 22nd Jun 2012
I stupidly purchased a ticket for Bruce Springstien and unsurprisingly it has never turned up. Thanks for details of how to report him Louise i will do so today. As i bought from credit card will i be protected?
Contact details for the owner of this fraudulent website. Please all report to the police.
Written by LouiseP | 19th Jun 2012
Hello fellow victims

Right, after doing more searches on this ticket site, there is also a Facebook page and a twitter account with an IP address. Of course I have had no replies from messaging these sites. The telephone numbers do not work. I have given the details to Action Fraud and the police.

The person who set up this page is called John Grainger
His address on the Facebook page is 55 Hollybush Hill, E11 1PX

The online mirror section for ticket scams reported on this website last year:

He was arrested last year on suspicion of fraud and freed without charges!

Please all of you report this to Action Fraud. The details of which I put down in my earlier feedback, or find it at:
or phone the police.

Does anybody want to join up to press ahead with legal proceedings?

this is what i just had to send the INCONSIDERATE b****rdS behind this website, please read!!!!!!!!!
Written by amy summerfield | 7th Jun 2012
excuse me.....i deserve a reply at the very least since im the victum in this situation..........stop ignoring my messages you bunch of conning arseholes! read through your reviews, and cannot find any GOOD ones, and also found out it is not just me that has been conned out of money, there are so many others you have taken money from and still owe it to people. you specifically told me you have refunded my card, over a week later still no refund, looked on your terms and conditions and it states you do not give out refunds, so why would you tell me you have given me one? also you told me i could downgrade my ticket, when really in your terms and conditions it states you can upgrade a ticket? you listed and let people buy standing tickets, not even knowing whether you had them or not anyway, which in this case you didnt... your now ignoring my messages, and it wasnt my fault in the first place as YOU listed and let me buy a standing ticket when you clearly knew you didnt have any, and YOU still havent refunded my card, so YOU have stolen my money! for these reasons it is classed as fraud and it is clear to see you are a bunch of stupid conning disorganised stone-hearted w***ers that are too lazy to get a real job so instead con money out of people, even children. i have enough evidence so am going to report you to the police because it is fraud and theft, so hopefully i will get my money back through them, and get your website (and all the other websites run by you in which also have no good reviews) SHUT DOWN!!!

if you wish to pleed innocent then reply. i have had no reply since the 31st of may, so judging by this you have got what you wanted and f***ed off. so like i said, reply if you are innocent with a pretty dam good explination to all this, or i will be going tot he police. you have until monday night.
1 of 1 people found this helpful
Tickets to All Events - Do not touch with a barge pole!!!
Written by Hannah Ross-Edwards | 6th Jun 2012
I bought tickets via this company back in April for my daughter's 18th birthday, spending £457 for three tickets. My daughter received an email on June 2nd stating they were very sorry but tickets were cancelled and a full refund had been issued. I have checked my bank account; no refund has been issued.

My daughter is devastated. This company has ruined her 18th - and stolen £457 from me, which I can ill afford. STEER CLEAR OF THESE CROOKS AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!!

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Dull yet neccessary disclaimer: cannot be held liable for any loss caused as a result of the publication of information here or of your acts or omissions based on the information published here. This is an open forum and as such we welcome contributions from any companies, artists or people listed to correct any inaccuracies. Unfortunately, due to the way that information is distributed, Safeconcerts cannot make any warranty or representation as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained on this site. Read our full terms and conditions of use.
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