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Very Suspect
Written by Valeria | 22nd Apr 2017
Bought some Royal Albert Hall tickets for Michael Kinawuka concert in May. Thought I was paying 240.00 and when the bill arrived had been charged an additional 95.00. Nothing on my confirmation said this. No phone number or email address to contact anyone. Was told would have to meet someone at the venue to get the tickets (sounds dodgy) then told its ok the vendor can post them out if I confirm delivery address in a message box attached to an email.
I feel like I don't know who I am dealing with and reluctant to give my home address.
These were supposed to be tickets to celebrate my partners special birthday as a surprise. I feel I cannot take him on the night in case its all a scam and it ruins the night for him.
I have lodged a dispute with the credit card company I used to purchase them, and so far have been refunded the 95.00 while they look into it.
I may well claim the lot yet - see what happens.
Don't touch them with a barge pole - not worth the hassle and upset.
Written by Snowblind | 5th Feb 2017
It's a shame I have to read these debates AFTER I've been scammed.

Otherwise the same thing as others
- Thought I'm buying two tickets for 115
- Never saw the final price until I hit Confirm
- Ended up paying 315

If any of you plan to file a lawsuit, count me in. I just don't know how to do it. But you have my full support.
Jeff Lynn (ELO) concernt
Written by Sooze18 | 22nd Jun 2016
I bought tickets for the Jeff Lynn concert in April 2016 and Viagog are an absolute disgrace. The face value of the tickets was 85 but this is what I was charged:

Number of Tickets: 2
Price per Ticket: 119.00
Total Ticket Cost: 238.00
Booking Fee: 35.70
Delivery Fee: 9.95
VAT: 7.14
Adjustment: 0.00
Total Charge: 290.79

Viagogo should be taken to court just as the USA public have done with Ticketmaster and won! They have received compensation through vouchers and free tickets after Ticketmaster admitted the scams. Viagogo is a disgrace and give a bad name to the many really good ticket agencies out there.
VIAGOGO are a scam
Written by Carlie woodley | 30th Aug 2015
Awful scam company
In December 2014 I purchased 2 tickets to see Metallica in Sweden for August 2015. 2 days before the flight VIAGOGO email me to say the tickets I brought are not available but they can offer me standing golden circle and 100euro voucher for their website. Now the tickets I purchased totalled around 500 gbp golden circle 2 days before were selling for 170gbp! If I had accepted the offer VIAGOGO would have made 330gbp! I ended up cancelling the tickets and re buying golden circle as this is all that was left. For a further kick in the teeth the exchange rate is different so I lost another 50gbp when the refund happened. VIAGOGO response is that it's not their problem and they will offer no compensation. They need to be stopped. I also spoke to around 6 staff who could not even grasp what I was explaining. I will never use this company again
Appalling service, shocking misrepresentation, appalling customer service - DON'T *EVER* USE
Written by RichardA | 14th Jul 2015
I ordered a ticket for an event taking place two days later. Viagogo's website said that my order was confirmed. They charged my credit card. Twice, for the same thing, i.e. 2x what I had agreed to pay. I contacted a friend coming over from Denmark to tell him I'd got him a ticket. He was excited. Viagogo then "cancelled" my order, without any explanation. Nor did they have any legal right to do so, under their own terms and conditions. Then they sold the ticket to someone else (or so they told me). I called to complain. The manager Marie was supposed to call me back. She didn't. The next day I called again and spoke to a duty manager, Dave. He sounded concerned and helpful and said he'd call me back when he'd found out what had gone wrong. He didn't. Today I spoke again to a customer service person who said that Marie was back on duty today and "promised" that Marie would call me back. She didn't.
What a bunch of complete jokers. They don't deserve to be in business.
Written by Jeremiah | 26th Mar 2015
Viagogo is f***ing bullshit, I bought tickets to acdc 2 months ago and they took my money and now they changed their mind. This is bad business anywhere... Edited by Safeconcerts
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Att: byarov
Written by ackerman2406 | 24th Mar 2015
Don't worry too much - I think Viagogo say that you can receive your tickets UP TO 3 days before the event. Hopefully they will arrive before that! You can always contact them and change the delivery address to the hotel you will be staying at. Hope it works out OK for you.
thieves, crooks, scamming people. never use viagogo.
Written by byazrov | 24th Mar 2015
Viagogo is a beautiful and easy to use website. Right until you pay your hard earned money.
Right after your money was transferred, only then and not before you make that big mistake, Viagogo tells you that you'll receive your tickets only three days before the show. And no money back policy.
They don't refund if you are not ok with their crookie way of doing business. It is obvious that Viagogo should inform about the three days before a show policy. But you'll be surprised. There's not a single mention about this. Rooks!
I am stuck.
I spent a lot of money on a ticket to a show in another country.
So I will have to buy plane tickets, hotel and everything... And if all goes wrong... Viagogog is not responsible for anything.
Scam artist, I say.
Never buy anything from Viagogo crooks. It's a scam. Thieves also would be a good name for Viagogo.
A Fraud, A scam. A theft.
over inflated prices
Written by tiggerbeans | 6th Sep 2014
Please don't use this site. I have just been charged over double the face value of two tickets to see lady gaga and trying to find any contact information to enquire why is difficult.
Absolute joke of a company
Written by Julie9 | 4th Jul 2014
After buying 4 VIP Monty Python tickets in December 2013, I was called by Viagogo who told me that the tickets weren't VIP tickets. They cost well over 1000GBP. I spoke to a myriad of people, majority of whom were extremely unhelpful. After 1 month of negotiating, a fair voucher compensation was reached of 750GBP. I used this to purchase 4 Penn and Teller tickets in May 2014. 2 days before the show, Viagogo called me saying that I couldn't use those tickets and they were willing to give me tickets which were the worst in the venue and no re-imbursement. After speaking with an extremely rude Viagogo employee called Pierre, i finally spoke to the Manager who agreed to a full monetary reimbursement for the Penn and Teller tickets and 750GBP worth of vouchers. I did receive the money reimbursement, but they didn't send me the voucher code. So I emailed them to ask for it, and 3 days later, they sent me a voucher code for 275GBP. 7 months on from using Viagogo for the 1st time, this issue still hasn't been resolved. I'm not sure if their complete incompetence or their lack of response is more infuriating. They are absoultely useless in every sense of the word. They are massively over-priced compared to their counter-parts and they should be avoided like the plague. They have absolutely no redeeming qualities as a business. DO NOT USE THEM!

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Dull yet neccessary disclaimer: cannot be held liable for any loss caused as a result of the publication of information here or of your acts or omissions based on the information published here. This is an open forum and as such we welcome contributions from any companies, artists or people listed to correct any inaccuracies. Unfortunately, due to the way that information is distributed, Safeconcerts cannot make any warranty or representation as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained on this site. Read our full terms and conditions of use.
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